Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Tennessee? | EKnives

Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Tennessee? | EKnives

Apr 6th 2021

Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Tennessee?

Knife enthusiasts across the country often wonder about the laws in their state regarding pocket knives, switchblades, and other blades. Typically, laws are set to protect the safety of citizens, but that doesn't mean you don't have a right to own and carry knives.

So, if you're planning to acquire a blade and live in Tennessee, keep reading. Here, we'll go over the rules and regulations regarding knives in the state and more.

Tennessee Knife Laws At A Glance

If you're a knife collector, or love being prepared for any situation, Tennessee is your go-to state with its flexible knife laws. Nonetheless, there are some questions surrounding what precisely these relaxed restrictions mean; in other words, they can sometimes be confusing!

In Tennessee, the possession and carrying of knives are unrestricted as long as it isn't done on school grounds, from kindergarten to the university level. The law strictly prohibits the use of any knife in educational buildings or campuses for safety reasons. Even though other places may allow carrying such weapons, one must remember that possessing them within schools remains unlawful at all times.

Legal Knives To Own In Tennessee

  • Bowie knives
  • Dirks, daggers, or other stabbing knives
  • Disguised knives like penknives and buckle knives
  • Stiletto

Are There Restrictive Laws?

You can own any knife in Tennessee, including switchblades. While some individuals may think different regulations govern open and concealed carry, this is not necessarily the case.

In Tennessee, it's not illegal to carry a gun; instead, the law focuses on why you carry it. If your motive were to harm another individual with the weapon, then that would be considered unlawful. Simply put, what matters most is your intention behind owning and operating a knife.

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