ProTech SBR Short Bladed Rockeye Automatic Knife Textured Black 2.5" S35VN Stonewash/Satin LG405

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12/31/25 01:00AM
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  • Overall Length: 6.5"
  • Blade: 2.5" S35VN, Stonewash w/ Satin Flats
  • Handle: 4.1" Aluminum, Textured Black
  • Weight: 2.0oz
  • Pocket Clip: Black, Deep Carry, Right Hand, Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Push Button Automatic
  • Lock Type: Plunge Lock
  • Designer: Les George
  • Made in the USA
  • Model: LG405

The Short Bladed Rockeye, or SBR for short, is a compact version of Pro-Tech's popular full-sized Rockeye Auto.

Both knives are designed by Marine Corps knife designer Les George, who’s ergonomic hard use knives have been faithfully translated to automatic versions by Pro-Tech. The SBR features a compact design, with a 2.5″ blade that’s built for a multitude of cutting tasks. A pocket milled spine adds extra grip and depth to the design. The knife snaps open with authority thanks to Pro-Tech's coil spring automatic mechanism.
Don’t let its size fool you, the SBR is a bantam powerhouse.