How Consignment Works

Contact us via phone or email with information about the knives that you want to sell. If your knives would be a good fit for our site, we'll have you ship them to us to get things started. Please note that we typically only accept knives with an estimated market value of $200 or more. We handle all the pictures and write-ups, and will work out pricing with you once we receive your knives. We take 25% of the final price meaning once the knife is sold, you will receive 75% of the final sale price of the knife.


We schedule payouts once a month, the 15th of every month. On each payout date we will mail you a check for any of your knives that were sold during the previous month.  (i.e.  If your knife sold in April, you will be paid on our May payout date, and so on)

Other payment methods include, "Store Credit" - You can have the funds held as store credit to be used at a later date.