Survival & Tactical Knives

Survival & Tactical Knives Survival & Tactical Knives

Survival, or tactical knives, are intended to be used in a wilderness environment for survival purposes. Militaries will often issue survival knives to soldiers, especially pilots, for use in the event their plane is shot down.

There are many uses for a survival/tactical knife, including skinning, trapping, wood cutting and wood carving. Most survival knives have fixed blades with a full and thick tang to protect from breakage when chopping or batoning. Handles can be made from wood, bone, aluminum, hardened rubber, polymer or metals like stainless steel or tool steel. Some knives come with a cord attached to the handle that can be used in a survival situation and can improve the grip.

Some survival knives have strong tips, which mean they can also be used in self-defense should the need arise. The knife can also be mounted on a stick to create a spear, which can help a hunter keep a safe distance when hunting wildlife.

Survival knives are good to carry when hiking, hunting and participating in outdoor survival sports.