Product Spotlight: Mechforce Mechtorch Flashlight

Jan 20th 2021

If you're looking for an EDC flashlight, look no further than the Mechforce Mechtorch. Designed and built in the USA, this flashlight will surely brighten your day (and night). The new Mechtorch … read more

Brand Spotlight: Heretic Knives

Jan 15th 2021

Heretic Knives was founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo, TJ and Jessica Marifione. As a second generation knife maker, TJ (son of Microtech Knives founder Anthony Marfione) built the business by ap … read more

Brand Spotlight: Pro-Tech Knives

Jan 6th 2021

Founded in 1998, Pro-Tech Knives is a family-owned company based in the United States. They pride themselves on creating automatic knives with the finest materials available. Their commitment to … read more

Introducing The KeyBar: The EDC Necessity

Dec 30th 2020

Stop the noise and organize your keys with KeyBar. With KeyBar, you never have to listen to your keys rattle and jingle, and you’ll never waste time flipping through all your keys to find the rig … read more

Brand Spotlight: Chris Reeve Knives Review

Dec 16th 2020

The level of craftsmanship, quality of material, and consistent performance of every CRK knife have made them a coveted collector’s item among enthusiasts. Although Chris Reeve is now retired, his leg … read more