Microtech Troodon Knives

Microtech Troodon Knives Microtech Troodon Knives

At 25% smaller than its big brother the Combat Troodon, the Microtech Troodon, (greek for Wounding Tooth) is named after the Troodon Dinosaur (Troh-oh-don). It features a slender contour design and easier-to-fire OTF action mechanism than its bigger sibling. The double action Troodon firest and retracts automatically with the thumb slider located on the side of the handle, perfect placement for thumb activation. The Microtech Troodon design caters to a wider audience needing the utilitarian functionality of a double action OTF (out the front) automatic, but without the heft of a full-size Combat Troodon. The Microtech Troodon handle is all aluminum anodized 6061 T6 and is ergonomically sound with lots of milling in the handle for grip control. The Troodon comes in all Microtech offered blade styles like D/E (Double Edge). S/E (Single Edge Drop Point), T/E (Tanto Edge) and HH (Hellhound). The blade steel used in Microtech Knives is Carpenter CTS-204P, the same metallurgical makeup as the popular M390. The Microtech Troodon comes with blasted titanium hardware and glass breaker. Tactical models come in all black. Overall length is 7.5" and blade is 3" long. The Troodon weighs just under 3 ounces.