Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives Fixed Blade Knives

This classic knife style can be used for virtually anything, spanning from hunting and survival scenarios up to hobby knife throwing and even EDC. Since fixed blade knives don’t fold or have any hinges, they have a smaller risk of breakage or damage after use and are easier to maintain. Fixed blades are also usually twice as long as their folding blade counterparts. These blades are straightforward slabs of metal with no frills and get the job done, just as they are supposed to.

Keep in mind that these blades are generally better-suited for serious outdoorsmen and hunters since concealment and storage can be a bit tricky compared to urban-friendly folding knives. We offer over 300 different fixed knives in a wide variety of lengths, colors and finishes to ensure there is a model to your liking and in your price range from the top brands from around the world.