Complete Your Collection With Luxury Marfione Custom Knives

As a passionate knife collector, you want to add only high-end pieces. This means purchasing knives that have a high caliber of materials, execution, and production time. However, finding a company that offers these qualities without compromising affordability and reliability can be quite challenging until now.


At EKnives, we offer Marfione Custom Knives to expand your amazing knife collection. We understand how important it is for you to have a wide variety of exceptional knives crafted by trusted artisans. And that's why we proudly bring you the exquisite work of Anthony Marfione and his team. All types of Marfione Custom Knives are found on our website, from collectible models to everyday carry.




The History Behind Marfione Custom Knives

Marfione Custom Knives, the custom division of Microtech Knives created by Anthony "Tony" Marfione, is known for its exquisite metalwork. Handcrafted knives constructed from high-end materials like copper, brass, and Damascus are finished with quality in-house components.


All these blades can be found in various finishes ranging from polished mirror finish to hand-rubbed or DLC-coated sheens - all ground by hand rather than the machine. With these tools crafted with love, it's no wonder why they have become so renowned!


Add These 3 Marfione Custom Knives To Your Wishlist


Microtech/Borka Blades Custom "Stitch" Manual Ram-Lok Black G10 Folding Knife 3.75"

Introducing the revolutionary manual-opening Stitch from Marfione Custom Knives and Borka Blades, powered by RAM-LOK. This awe-inspiring knife features a unique two-tone stonewashed RWL-34 blade that's beautifully juxtaposed with its contoured black G10 handle and double vapor blast hardware for an unforgettable user experience.


Marfione Custom "Combat Troodon" OTF Knife Copper Ringed HW 3.8"

This Marfione Custom Knives Combat Troodon has an impressive hefted alloy handle with copper hardware, a breaker tip, and a thumb slide. Its Interceptor blade is crafted from M390 steel, hand-satin finished creating a unique look. Each model includes the Date and Marfione Dagger stamped on its pocket clip and an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.


Marfione Custom "Combat Troodon" Hand Rubbed Stainless TT Hardware OTF Knife 3.8" 

This Marfione Custom Knives Combat Troodon features a sleek, stainless steel handle with titanium hardware and a breaker tip. Its handsome Interceptor blade is made from CTS-204P stainless steel, which has been hand-rubbed to create a one-of-a-kind finish.


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