EKnives Family

EKnives Family

Hello and Welcome to the Eknives Family!

We want to say thank you for visiting our site and should you decide to purchase from us, know that you will get the very best customer experience possible, We personally guarantee it!

We are Clayton and Coco with our French Bulldogs Knox and Louis.

We are a small family owned business with a retail storefront in Chattanooga, Tn.

Our #1 goal is customer loyalty. That means we will go the extra "Smile" to make sure you get what you want.

If we don't have it, we probably know who does and will help you find it somewhere else. We are friendly with all of our competitors so helping you get what you want is the ultimate goal for us.

In this world of Amazon, we all know what it's like to order something and then want it the next day. So we have created our entire business model around 2-3 day shipping.

So if you order from us, we guarantee it will ship that same day if placed before 3pm EST. 

My wife and I started EK because we have always had a passion for business and wanted to create an ecommerce store around something we had interested in.

I loved knives as a kid but never really had much experience with them growing up. I wanted to know more about knives because they are tools created by hand and have been around since the beginning of time in some shape or fashion.

My father gave me my first survival knife from a flea market for my birthday after Rambo First Blood hit the theaters in 1982, I was 8.

At age 40, after having many failed business attempts including filing Bankruptcy, I got tired of working a dead end job and I decided to start a website from the ground up. So I taught myself HTML code and how to create a website on a free platform called Wordpress.

Full disclosure, I knew absolutely nothing about knives, websites or internet when I started. 

I just knew people made money online and I wanted to do the same. So I started and figured it out. As I like to say, I put the car in Drive and hit the gas pedal. You cannot steer a parked car, you have to keep moving.

I am living proof that if you work hard, never give up and are simply not afraid to take action, anything is possible, anything!

After lots of ups and downs we have continued to be on a constant quest to gain as much knowledge as we can and never stop learning and connecting in this knife world we have immersed ourselves in.

Thank you for being interested reading about our journey. If you would like to come along for the ride, please follow us on social media or reach out to us anytime. 

Have a Knife Day!

We are most active on Instagram @e_knives

We are also on Facebook @eknivesstore @claytonensminger @courtneyensminger

We are on Youtube @eknivesstore


Meet the EK Team:

Clay, Olivia & Coco - Owners



Sam Darras - Operations Mgr


Misty Smith - Shipping Manager