Microtech UTX 70 Knives

Microtech UTX 70 Knives Microtech UTX 70 Knives

One of the most intriguing OTF knives on the marker it the UTX-70 from Microtech Knives. It is the smallest OTF knife on the market at an overall length under 6 inches. The UTX-70 comes in a California legal version with a blade length of 1.9 inches. At 70% the size of the Ultratech (hence the name), the Microtech UTX-70 is small enough to fit in a watch pocket. Its nimble size means you could fit it into any bag or pocket, or even hang it on a key ring. It is such a discreet carry knife that women can carry it in their purse and always be ready. When you need the functionality of a hard-use cutting tool, without the size and weight of a full-size knife, the UTX-70 is a perfect choice. It comes in all the colors Microtech offers as well as blade styles. The Marfione custom version come in at much pricier. Overall length is 5.95" and the blade measures just 2.42".