Microtech UTX 85 Knives

Microtech UTX 85 Knives Microtech UTX 85 Knives

Microtech UTX-85 – One of the Best Out the Front Knives Available. As far as everyday carry knives go, there are few that can beat the UTX-85 from Microtech. Compared to other OTF knife brands and products, the UTX-85 is easier to operate and makes a great EDC knife. Plus, the aluminum handle and pocket clip make them accessible, easy to carry and comfortable to hold. And in comparison to the UTX-70, the Microtech UTX-85 has almost two more inches in overall length. All the Quality Materials at 85 Percent of the Size If you’ve been considering purchasing a Microtech Ultratech but wanted something smaller, slimmer and easier to carry and use, the UTX-85 is a perfect option. With a shorter and thinner handle and smaller blade, this choice is great for people with smaller hands or who want something that is easier to conceal. And it's made from the same materials as the Ultratech, so you know you’re not compromising quality for size. When it comes to choosing an OTF pocket knife, there’s nothing like one from Microtech, no matter which direction you go in. Order one today to get your quality, authentic Microtech pocket knife.