60 Day Payment Plan (20% Down, Balance Split into 2 More Pmts)

Eligible on Most Knives Typically $500 or more! Please call/text 423.525.9477 or email to Setup

20% Down (non refundable) then 2 more payments split in half on Day 30 and 60. (20%, 40%, 40%)

Payment Plan Rules (Please Read Carefully)

1. To setup layaway Contact Us by email or phone (, Call or Text 423.525.9477)  

2. An email will be sent to you with a link provided so you may use whatever payment method you choose.

3. Only 3 Total payments can be made (Down pmt, Day 30 Pmt, Day 60 Pmt) You may pay it off early or make your Day 30,Day 60 payments early but you CAN'T make more than 3 total payments on any layaway order. (For instance you can't make weekly payments or a smaller payment in between)

4. Absolutely no changes to a layaway once the down payment is made.

5. Layaway knives are non refundable and not exchangeable so "please make sure you want it before you buy it."

6. You will receive an email for future payments (the day before it is due) that will include a link to your invoice to be paid online with whatever credit card payment you want. We do not store credit card info so we cannot charge a previous card for a future invoice.

7. You have 3 business days to pay your invoice once the payment is due date arrives. if you do not pay it in that amount of time we will cancel the layaway, you will lose your 20% down payment.

8. You may have only 1 knife in layaway at a time, not multiple knives or multiple layaway orders.  

"We Assume this is pretty obvious but the order will not ship til the layaway is paid in full!"



Johnny Knifeman buys a $500 Knife.

  • 20% Down is $100 (20% of $500) (Non Refundable)
  • 40% Day 30 Pmt is $200 (40% of $500)
  • 40% Day 60 Pmt is $200 (40% of $500)