Are Switchblades Illegal or Legal in Florida?

Are Switchblades Illegal or Legal in Florida?

Aug 25th 2020

It's a common misconception that switchblades are illegal in Florida. In reality, there is no statewide ban on the possession or use of switchblades. However, certain localities may have restrictions on these knives. You cannot, for example, carry a switchblade into any school or government building.

Additionally, the city of Miami has an ordinance prohibiting carrying concealed switchblades with blades over two inches in length. So if you live or are visiting Miami, check your local laws to ensure you comply.

This blog will discuss the following:

  • Specifications that Make Switchblades Illegal
  • Requirements to Carry One in Florida
  • Other Legal Knives in Florida
  • Trusted Knife Providers

Let's get started.

What Are the Specifications that Make a Switchblade Illegal

We first need to understand what is a switchblade knife. A switchblade knife is a bladed instrument that automatically opens by pressing a button, spring, or other mechanisms on the handle. This type of knife was made famous in movies and TV shows, but the truth is that it can be hazardous and is often used for criminal activity. Because of this, many states have made it illegal to own or carry a switchblade knife. Let's take a closer look at some of the specifications that make these knives illegal.

The automatic switchblade opening could be considered dangerous if used maliciously. In many states, switchblades are deemed illegal. This is because they are seen as weapons, and the law prohibits people from carrying weapons. However, some believe switchblades should not be considered illegal because of their practical uses. Let's look at what you need to know if you live in Florida.

Requirements To Carry a Switchblade in Florida

In most cities in Florida, switchblades are legal for open carry regardless of blade length. Open carry means that you carry your knife in a certain way that the average observer can see. The only illegal knife is a ballistic knife that propels the blade after pressing a switch. With this said, knives are considered weapons in Florida and banned in certain places like schools or government buildings. It is also illegal to conceal a knife that has a blade that is 4 inches long. Additionally, it goes without question that if you carry a knife with malicious intent, you could be charged with possessing a weapon. Also, minors under 18 years old should never carry a switchblade.

However, there are some exceptions to this prohibition, including knives carried for lawful purposes such as fishing, hunting, or camping. Therefore, otf switchblades are legal if you open-carry and use them for outdoor sports.

It's not always easy to keep track of the latest knife laws. In Florida, for example, there are specific knives that are legal to own and carry and others that are not. Always consult your local authorities to answer any particular questions regarding knife possession.

Legal Knives in Florida

Several knives are legally owned and carried in Florida without restrictions. These include pocket knives, hunting knives, and camping knives. You should be good to go if your knife doesn't fall into the categories listed as being illegal, such as ballistic knives.

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