Brand Spotlight: Microtech Knives

Brand Spotlight: Microtech Knives

Mar 7th 2019

When discussing premium knife brands, Microtech Knives is definitely a favorite of knife aficionados. Many knife enthusiasts recognize this handmade knife company, founded by Anthony Marfione who is also the mastermind behind Marfione Custom Knives.

No two Microtech knives are completely the same, as they produce different blades, serrations, hardware and colors throughout the year. This makes for a high-quality, unique and limited supply product that lasts you a lifetime.

Microtech Knives

Microtech Knives is American-Made, and all manufacturing, materials and labor are sourced from the United States. Microtech makes most of their components in their shop which is family owned and operated. A lifetime warranty also backs their high-quality craftsmanship and premium-grade materials because they want you to have confidence in their product.

The company supports and is supported by the United States military, government and law enforcement agencies. They also promote and aid many nonprofit foundations which offer relief for those who have been wounded or lost someone at war, such as Memorial 3-Gun Foundation. The Foundation also offers weapon safety training for juniorsin a program that combines responsibility and the fun of competitive shooting.

Microtech Knives handmakes four core series of knives, each unique depending on their production run. They make Out the Front (OTF), folding, fixed and signature series high-quality knives. Each type of knife has different applications, and Microtech offers options for every kind of knife carrier.

1. Out the Front (OTF) Knives

Microtech makes great OTF automatic knives and its H.A.L.O. and Ultratech models have been around since 1995 and 1999, respectively. This series features knives of all sizes, including combat knives, versatile everyday tools, as well as compact self-defense knives.

Their brand new Exocet, which doubles as a money clip, is set to be their official Blade Show 2020 knife. Microtech is best known for their versatility, and their OTF knives have been a staple in their product showcase for many years.

These knives combine practicality, quality and durability with an advanced internal mechanism and comfortable ergonomically-designed handle. Most models offer size options for additional convenience, making Microtech OTF knives an excellent choice for someone looking for a versatile blade.

2. Folding Knives

Microtech offers three models of folding knives: the highly functional L.U.D.T., the classic Hawk and the highly popular SOCOM Elite. The SOCOM Elite Auto won Knife of the Year at Blade Show 2019. These versatile knives are built with premium materials meant to last in tactical and survival situations.

Folding Knives

They feature strong and reliable deployment mechanisms and handles which provide excellent grip, making sure the knife works the way you want it to. In addition, the knives are made with a high degree of aesthetic consideration. Appealing to both the survivalist and the connoisseur, Microtech folding knives offer the best of function and collectibles.

3. Fixed Knives

There are three fixed-blade Microtech knives available: The SOCOM Alpha series, the Currahee series and the Jagdkommando. The full-tang SOCOM Alpha Mini is a smaller version of the popular SOCOM Elite and a popular option for an everyday carry. It is versatile, highly durable and can easily be concealed.

The Jagdkommando is an extremely impressive three-edged blade which twists into a sharp point. It comes with its own custom watertight sheath the knife screws into for carrying. This deadly tool is an unrivaled choice for hunting or combat. This 7” hollow handled knife is a serious weapon, and while it has some tactical features, such as a glass breaker and lanyard hole, it is not really designated for survival purposes or self-defense. Still, it does make a fantastic addition to any knife collection.

Fixed Knives

4. Signature Series Knives

Since Microtech Knives are made in small batch production runs, their signature series varies from year to year. You can find them directly from their website when available or anywhere that has Microtech knives for sale.

Signature models for 2020 have yet to be released, but past models have included the Combat Troodon Hellhound, a custom made two-tone bronze carbon fiber Tanto Blade and the SOCOM Elite Spear Point Knife, a manual version of their well-known favorite.

Final Thoughts

Microtech Knives has been a reputed knife maker for almost 30 years. Their mission statement resonates clearly in their work, to make the best knife. The hand-crafted excellence is evident in every unique knife they make, and knife enthusiasts of all types can vouch for their quality and durability.

Find premium Microtech Knives in our online inventory, or call or text us today at (423) 525-9477 to find out more about adding a Microtech Knife to your collection.