Can You Legally Carry/Own Switchblades In Illinois?

Can You Legally Carry/Own Switchblades In Illinois?

Jul 14th 2020

In a world where everything constantly evolves, it's no surprise that even something as basic as a knife has taken on a new form. The classic pocket knife has been replaced by the switchblade – a knife with a spring-loaded blade that can be automatically opened with the flick of a wrist.

Though they've been around for decades, OTF switchblades remain controversial because most people consider them dangerous weapons. On the other hand, others see them as tools with many practical uses. Multiple states have prohibited their carry and use. This blog post will explore OTF switchblades and their legality on Illinois grounds.

Understanding Switchblades

Switchblades, also known as automatic knives, are rapid-deployment knives always ready to deliver performance when needed. Most work with a slide switch or button release, so the blade can be out in seconds. The blades are protected within the casing and, when released, either shoot from the front of the handle (OTF, out-the-front knives) or fold down from the bottom like folding and custom knives.

Legal Status Of Switchblades In Illinois

Illinois doesn’t expressly forbid the ownership of a switchblade knife. However, there are some restrictions in place:

  • It is illegal to carry a switchblade with a blade over 3 inches long.
  • It is also illegal to sell, manufacture, or import switchblades in the state.

So, while you can own a switchblade knife in Illinois, there are restrictions on how you can carry and use it. The Illinois state law requires all switchblade owners to carry a valid FOID (firearms owners identification) card at all times. You can get into trouble with the Illinois authorities if caught with a switchblade and don't have this permit.

Microtech UTX-70 Spartan OTF Automatic Knife

Other Knives That Are Legal In Illinois

Though switchblades have some restrictions in Illinois, there are still plenty of other knives you can carry and use without any legal issues. For example, Microtech knives, OTF knives, custom knives, and gravity knives are all legal in Illinois.

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