Zero Tolerance Knives: Six Reasons to Add Them to Your Collection

Zero Tolerance Knives: Six Reasons to Add Them to Your Collection

Posted by Clayton on Jun 20th 2017

For anyone looking for a knife with a sharp look, quality construction, and functionality, don’t forget to consider Zero Tolerance knives. Blending the highest possibility materials with superior craftsmanship and durability, these knives are stylish and have all the features you have come to expect of a knife of this caliber.

Here are the top seven reasons why any knife collectors must add Zero Tolerance knives to their collections today.
  1. Constructed with High-Quality Materials

Zero Tolerance knives are well-renowned for their use of the highest quality of materials. Many knives feature S35VN stainless steel that is extremely tough and highly resistant to wear and tear, and which does not chip, even with aggressive use.

Their fine-grained blades can be sharpened to the sharpest razor’s edge. The edges of most Zero Tolerance knives are rich in carbides of niobium, nitrogen, vanadium, and chromium to resist chipping and scratching. This also increases toughness and ensures the sharpness of the blade lasts as long as possible.

The intelligence of the design and the quality of the materials of Zero Tolerance knives extends far beyond the blade. The handles of Zero Tolerance knives are typically titanium with unique features. For instance, many have a grooved design that enhances grip and prevents slippage even during the wettest of conditions.

  1. They Are Made in the USA

All Zero Tolerance knives are 100% made and designed in the United States.

This is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is a valid guarantee of quality and durability—no cheap, second-rate, foreign-made parts, here! Zero Tolerance knives are made to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship, and upholding this would not be possible without keeping production closely monitored within the country.

Secondly, many people prefer to buy American products to support the economy of their own country and provide jobs to American knife designers and craftspeople.

  1. They Look Good (but Are Much More than Good Looks)

Zero Tolerance knives have an abundance of advanced features that appeal to the sophisticated knife user. These are integrated seamlessly into the design of all the knives they produce and include ergonomic features for ease of handling.

As an example, the Zero Tolerance 0808 Rexford Titanium Flipper features a caged ball bearing design to ensure it is simple, smooth, and speedy to flip open without the need for a spring design. This knife also features a reversible pocket clip, meaning that both right-handed and left-handed knife users will be able to pocket carry this knife with ease.

Another popular Zero Tolerance knife is the new Zero Tolerance 0095BW flipper knife. This knife features a sleek, attractive design and blackwash finish blade that adds to this knife’s overall appeal. The cherry on the cake of this attractive knife is the two-toned pivot, the final decorative touch on a tough, durable knife with a sharp edge.

  1. Indestructibility

Simply put, Zero Tolerance knives are solidly constructed and built to last.

Their tactical build means they can survive consistent use without showing signs of wear and tear such as scratches or chipping to the blade.

Military grade construction means never having to worry about blade failure, wear, or the other problems associated with use that so many other knife brands suffer from.

  1. The Right Prices

Despite what their quality construction and design might lead you to believe, Zero Tolerance knives are moderately priced and well within the budget of any true knife collector.

With a current price range of $192 to $320, there is a Zero Tolerance knife available for every budget. Best of all, when purchased through eknives, Zero Tolerance knives have automatic savings applied. This can save up to $80 per knife purchased.

Furthermore, when purchased through eKnives, these knives are eligible for free shipping and free layaway with any purchase.

  1. Ideal Knife for Survival Scenarios

In a disaster or other emergency situation, a knife is the single most important tool you can have. For hunting, cutting kindling to build a fire, and warding off predators, a sturdy, sharp knife is all you need to keep yourself and your family fed, sheltered, and safe.

The durability and compact design of these knives mean any Zero Tolerance knife you purchase will always be there when you need it in an emergency, and it can get the job done regardless of the task at hand.

Though some people purchase Zero Tolerance knives as gifts, the truth is that even more people prefer to keep them for themselves!

No matter whether you are a hobby collector or seasoned knife aficionado, a Zero Tolerance knife will add something new and innovative to your knife collection.