D Rocket Designs Kaze Clip Action Pen Bronze 5.3" Titanium Clip

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  • Overall: 5.3" 
  • Bronze w/ Bronze Internals
  • Titanium Clip
  • Ink Cartridge: Parker Standard Refill

Bringing the "Cool Factor" to an old design, the "D" Rocket Pen is an elegant, sleek, sexy, and unique design on a Clip Action Pen - "THE PEN THAT JAMES BOND WOULD CARRY".
A well thought out design that uses the clip as the opening and closing mechanism adding to the Fidget Factor that we all crave - a better mousetrap!

The design was created as a solution to an issue with Bolt Pens.  
Bolt Pens of the past have a protruding bolt that would get hung up in/on your pants or shirt, or they would likely snag on something as you pulled it out of your bag.

By making the pen Clip the opening and closing mechanism, Darriel was able to remove the bolt and make it one with the clip.
He also created his own version of a telescoping pen tip reminiscent of the classic Lamy Unic Ballpoint Pen which is still an iconic design.

The pen only has seven pieces not counting the cartridge and the springs.  
The main body of the pen is a solid piece. You change out the cartridge by turning the front circle of the pen.
The jimping provides you purchase to replace the ink cartridge.

This pen is sleek and unobtrusive...A perfect EDC Pen.