Microtech UTX-85 OTF Automatic Knife Red Distressed 3" Dagger Stonewash 232-10DRD

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12/31/25 01:00AM
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  • Overall Length: 7.625"
  • Blade: 3.1" D/E, Dagger, Stonewash
  • Handle: 4.50 Aluminum, Red Distressed
  • Weight: 3.20oz
  • Clip: Blasted Titanium, Tip-Down
  • Type: OTF D/A Double Action, OTF, Automatic
  • Made in the USA
  • Model: 232-10DRD
This Microtech UTX-85 features a red distressed handle giving it a battleworn look. Perfect for everyday carry with no worry of beating it up daily. At 85% the size of the Ultratech, the UTX-85 was designed to fit perfectly in your hand, making it a great choice for your everyday carry. The firing mechanism is easier to operate than the full-size Ultratech, making it ideal for smaller or sensitive hands. The UTX-85 still features a fully functional glass breaker along with all the features of the full-size Ultratech.