Ti2 Design Techliner Custom Pen Shorty 5" Copper Tumbled Lazar Etch Magnetic Cap

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  • Overall Length: 5"
  • Copper (Helix)
  • Machined Ends for Grip Performance
  • Magnetic Cap (tip and tail)
  • UniBall JetStream refill (SXR refill) 
  • Barrel diameter is 3/8"
  • Cap diameter is 7/16"


In a world of EDC, standing out in a crowd is a must. Enter the Techliner Pen from Ti2 Design. Mike Bond (Pearl City, Hawaii) creates an array of custom finishes and etchings in house, on a magnetic capped pen that writes even better than it looks. The all titanium construction lends itself to durability and houses a Uniball Jetstream Refill known for its writing precision. The extremely popular and highly addictive magnetic cap could be the best characteristic of this pen for not only its retention factor but a stress reliever with lots of fidget goodness just pull and release on either end when bored during those highly boring meetings that never seem to end, just ask my wife! The Techliner comes in 3 sizes, Super Shorty 4", Shorty 5" and Original Techliner 5.75". The Techliner comes with an all titanium clip so wear and tear are never a problem.