Toor Knives Field 3.0 Fixed Blade Knife Ebony/Copper 3.6" Battleship Grey Drop Point

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  • Overall: 8.125"
  • Blade: 3.625" CPM 154, Battleship Grey KG Gunkote
  • Handle: 4.5" Ebony w/ Copper Liner
  • Weight: 6.5oz w/out sheath
  • Sheath: Hermann Oak Saddle Leather
  • Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  • Made in the USA
  • Model: Field 3.0

Introducing the newest addition to the ever-growing Outdoor Series, the Field 3.0. At just over 8.0” in length, the Field 3.0 is slightly smaller than the Field 2.0 and is light enough to pack on trips when weight counts, while being fully capable of carrying the workload of its larger brethren.
The most noticeable differences in the design can be seen in the slimmer profile, and more notably where the blade comes to a point, making the Field 3.0 ideal for hide penetration.

The Field 3.0 features a KG Gunkote finish on the blade, providing excellent abrasion, chemical and impact resistance. While the profile has been slimmed down, the blade shape still allows for a significant steel mass behind the edge, which translates to a longer sharpening life and edge impact resistance. Each blade is also hand fitted with ebony scales in Toor's signature outdoor pattern. The wood itself is cut and processed by the Crelicam Ebony Mill in Cameroon by a dedicated and hardworking local workforce. Each piece is unique, meaning every one of these blades has the potential to be different and stand alone.
Toor individually processes every ebony handle by hand, and finish it with an extremely high grit and buff to ensure the wood will last a lifetime.

The Field 3.0 is made in San Diego, CA by Toor's skilled and talented manufacturing team and includes a genuine Hermann Oak saddle leather sheath.