Are Switchblades Illegal?

Are Switchblades Illegal?

Feb 11th 2020

Automatic and Switchblades are now legal in 40 states. However, switchblades and OTF knives have been in the gray area of legality for years. Some states differ in laws and differ from state to state. It is important to research thoroughly regarding your state for the use of switchblade knives. Eknives encourages responsibility while carrying switchblade and OTF switchblade knives.

What is Considered a Switchblade?

A switchblade knife is a type of knife that springs the blade while pressing a button. OTF and switchblade knives are easy to carry since the blade is stowed inside the handle. An OTF switchblade is a knife that springs the blade and comes out the front of the handle. Due to the nature of the knife and its automatic spring blade that swings when a button is pressed, it might be considered dangerous. That is why their legality is debated.

Learn more about switchblades in the Federal Switchblade Act, which shows how knives are treated in the United States in regard to sales and across state borders and what qualifies it to be a switchblade.

Different States Have Different Laws

It will depend on the State Laws whether or not switchblades are legal in your area. For example, Switchblades are illegal in Montana unless you are a knife collector and have the appropriate documentation from the sheriff's office. Carrying a concealed weapon is illegal, as is carrying a knife while intoxicated. Knives longer than 4 inches are banned on school property.

Other states, such as Arizona, have no restriction knife laws for individuals over the age of 21. You must notify an officer of the law if you are carrying a concealed weapon if you are pulled over or questioned. Additionally, knives are prohibited at schools, polling stations, or power plant facilities.

While shipping your knife via the U.S. Postal Service is typically illegal, your Microtech switchblade can arrive at your home from EKnives using UPS.

To see a list of states and laws regarding automatic knives visit

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