​Brand Spotlight: Bastinelli Knives Review

​Brand Spotlight: Bastinelli Knives Review

Jul 30th 2019

Bastinelli knives are as much works of art as they are tools. Aptly described as tactical art, each piece is a sight to behold as it explores dark design elements. Bastinelli custom blades are crafted to perfection and come in a range of unique designs. The styles vary from slick utility pieces to downright haunting looks.

Bastinelli knives

About Bastinelli Knives

All Bastinelli knives are designed and developed by the French knifemaker, Bastien Coves. Coves handcrafts many blades in his workshop. Several of his most popular designs are produced commercially by LionSteel in Italy. This highly rated steel manufacturer is renowned for delivering quality, reliable cutlery.

Although Bastinelli knives have several incredible designs produced commercially, such as the RED, Ice Scream, and Diagnostic, the handmade pieces are worth serious consideration. Coves make a point of creating every aspect of his custom knives. He cuts the steel, shapes the blade, crafts the handle, grinds, sharpens, and engraves every individual knife.

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These knives are stunning collector’s items and can be accompanied by various accessories, all of which hold true to the Bastinelli signature quality.

Microtech Collaboration

Bastinelli knives have several notable collaborations. The most high-profile of these partnerships has undoubtedly been with Microtech. Microtech has become synonymous with producing some of the best OTF knife models on the market. Due to their recognition for using quality parts and crafting unique designs, Microtech OTF knives have become the go-to for many knife enthusiasts. The iconic Bastinelli collaboration is an incredible achievement of blade craft, as it merges the artistic karambit style with practical functionality.

Top 3 Bastinelli Knives

Bastinelli Creations Ice Scream Crypt Bronze Skull Ice Pick

The standard ice pick design inspires this stunning piece. However, you’re unlikely to find any ice pick with the level of detail and beauty this item carries. The solid bronze handle is a comfortable 4.25-inches long and contains striking skull engravings that demand your attention. It grips securely, and the weight feels comforting in your hand, despite the carvings.

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The blade is 4.5 inches of HDL420 stainless steel with a 0.28-inch diameter. Weighing 9.5 oz., the Ice Scream has plenty of power for piercing and prying tasks. As with many Bastinelli products, it comes with a premium Kydex sheath, zippered pouch, and a carry concept clip for safe and comfortable carrying. Although it won’t replace your EDC knife, the Ice Scream can undoubtedly play an essential role in your tactical activities or makes a dramatic addition to your home bar for creating cocktails.

Bastinelli Creations ReaperTAC Tomahawk Fixed Blade G10

The ReaperTAC Tomahawk is another unique concept blade based on an old-school scythe design. A scythe is a tool widely used for reaping crops before the introduction of heavy machinery. It has long been associated with the horror genre through the archetype of the Grim Reaper.

This knife resembles a tomahawk when used tactically, but it doesn’t incorporate its utility functions. The 6.7-inch N690CO blade cuts like a dream and looks fantastic with the black cerakote finish. The signature shape of the blade has some distinct advantages. Due to the curved shape, the blade pierces and shreds like an animal’s claw.

The ergonomic G10 contoured handle fits comfortably. Every inch of the handle is utilized to masterfully control the 14-oz. knife. You can carry the ReaperTAC in its leather belt sheath that complements the slickly designed blade.

Bastinelli Knives Silence Slim Fixed Blade

The Silence Slim with black Tsukamaki wrap and bronze Menuki looks striking enough you may want to mount it on your mantelpiece. However, its practical applications are too numerous to ignore. This design references several iconic features of a Japanese Katana blade, giving it fantastic visual appeal.

This knife can perform a wide variety of functions. It works perfectly as an EDC blade, a hunting companion, and to take care of precise cutting jobs. In keeping with its Slim title, the knife is lightweight, at just 3.5 oz. The black Tsukamaki wrapped handle is accompanied by typically detailed bronze Menuki. At 12.5 inches long, the knife is mobile, fast, and sturdy. It comes with a Kydex sheath, zippered pouch, or belt clip for easy portability and fast deployment.

For the Ultimate Collector’s Piece, Choose a Bastinelli Knife

Bastinelli knives are perfectly suited to a true knife enthusiast with an artistic flair. While they may look like works of art, these knives have real practical applications.

At eKnives, we stock some of the finest Bastinelli blades available, as well as a range of complementary accessories. Explore our website to find one that best suits your needs. For further information on our custom knife range, call or text us today at (423) 525-9477.