​Top 4 Best OTF Knife Brands

​Top 4 Best OTF Knife Brands

Dec 11th 2018

With a double action mechanism for quick deployment and retraction, OTF knives have always been the go-to knife for law enforcement, military professionals, and first responders. Here are 4 favorite OTF knife brands to add to your collection.

1. Microtech

Over the last 20 years, Anthony Marfione has taken Microtech from a small custom knife business to one of the leading brands in the industry, due to his constant innovation and impeccable workmanship.

Microtech OTF knives are 100% American made and are the knife of choice for law enforcement and military professionals, as well as everyday carriers and collectors, due to their durability, reliability, and smooth double-action deployment mechanism.

The current OTF knife models from Microtech include Halo 6, Combat Troodon, Troodon, Ultratech, UTX-85, UTX-70, and two new models, Dirac and Dirac Delta.

The Microtech Ultratech has appealed to knife enthusiasts across the globe since its release in 1999. With a 3.44-inch drop point blade and T6 aluminum handle, the Ultratech is the perfect blend of form and functionality, with a size and weight that make it perfect for EDC.

2. Marfione

If you could only have one OTF knife in your collection, then an OTF knife from Marfione Custom Knives is a great choice. Marfione Custom Knives is a division of Microtech dedicated to pushing the limit of knife design and capabilities. Their knives are constructed only from the highest-quality luxury materials like brass, copper, and Damascus steel, and all components are machined and assembled in-house.

One of the limited-edition knives available from the Marfione Custom collection is the custom Dirac Delta. The blade is a 3.75-inch Vegas Forge Damascus steel with an intricate “Vines Roses” pattern, while the 5.2-inch black hefted alloy handle features blue accents and the thumb slider built into the front of the handle.


3. Benchmade

Benchmade has gained a fiercely loyal following in the knife industry, thanks to their groundbreaking approach to design. The Benchmade line of OTF knives features their patented Axis lock mechanism, which redefined OTF knife deployment, allowing for use by left- and right-handed carriers and offering the strongest locking action on the market.

Their use of different grades of steel enables them to create collections of knives suited explicitly to different demographics, with their Black Class blades constructed from heavy-duty materials ideal for law enforcement and their Blue Class offering Benchmade’s quality construction at a price affordable for everyday carriers.

The Benchmade Infidel is the King of OTF knives. The construction is a feat of engineering perfection, with a 3.9-inch D2 stainless steel blade and 5-inch black aluminum handle that features the thumb slider on the cover. The durable construction is made to withstand hard use, and the refined aesthetic makes it a knife worthy of any knife collection.

Due to its popularity, Benchmade released several editions of the Infidel, including the Mini Infidel with a 3.1-inch blade, making it the ideal OTF knife for EDC.

Guardian Tactical USA 

4. Guardian Tactical USA

As one of the more recent companies to start producingOTF knives in the States, Guardian Tactical OTF knives have made a big impression on the knife industry. But what the company lacks in industry experience, they make up for with outstanding craftsmanship. Guardian Tactical designers work closely with professionals to create OTF knives that are versatile for a range of real-world applications.

Guardian Tactical OTF knives have the smoothest and quickest double-action opening mechanism on the market. The unique design minimizes blade friction for easy deployment and superior performance. Our favorite Guardian Tactical OTF model is the RECON.

The RECON is the culmination of years of development and careful craftsmanship of the best machinists and technicians in the business. The patented innovative thumb slide features three ceramic balls to minimize wear on the mechanisms, meaning smoother action for the life of your knife. And the mechanism is offset from the blade channel to ensure there isn’t any drag on the blade when you are opening and closing it. The easy-to-use slide allows for fast, responsive tactical deployment, and the sturdy Elmax steel holds its edge like no other knife on the market.

Final Thoughts

An OTF knife is a must-have for any knife enthusiast’s collection, and these brands offer a range of superior quality knives that are perfect for EDC, as well as for displaying in your carefully curated knife collection.

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