20 Reasons Why We Love Reate Knives

20 Reasons Why We Love Reate Knives

Posted by Clayton on Jul 4th 2017

Despite being one of the newer kids on the knife manufacturers' block, Reate is already taking the blade industry by storm. Here we examine the top 20 reasons why we love Reate knives—and why you should, too.
  1. Superb Performance

They deliver exceptional performance and a superbly smooth cutting action due to their innovative ball bearing pivot design. Most Reate knives are tactical flipper style knives and flick open easily.

  1. Sharp Blades

Did you know that Reate's manufacturing process makes use of a unique heating technology ensuring maximum strength and sharpness in the blade? It's true. Reate's are some of the sharpest blades available. They also feature a stonewashed finish and sharpening choil that helps ensure the edges remain sharp.

  1. High-Quality Materials

From the stonewashed stainless-steel blade to the polished titanium handle and other hardware, they use the best materials.

  1. Cutting-Edge Production Techniques and Equipment

Reate knives' superior quality is due to the professional standard production processes and equipment that go into their design—these include CNC engraving machining (high speed), grinding, milling, and low-temperature tempering furnace.

  1. Unique, Customized Designs

From decorative inlays, anodization, and other embellishments, to hand-fitted detents and blade coverings, they have a custom-made feel. You won’t believe they are production line knives!

  1. Variety of Models

Every Reate knife comes with unique touches. They are also available in a wide variety of designs, size, length and thickness levels, and weights—with so many different models to choose from, there is a Reate knife for everyone.

  1. Affordable

Despite their amazing quality, Reate knives are affordable. When you place them side-by-side with comparable products on the market, they provide an excellent value for the money.

  1. Striking

As seen with the Reate K-1 Damasteel Flipper pictured above, all Reate knives have a pleasing and eye-catching appearance with beautiful and uniquely designed decorative inlays on the handle. Not merely a utilitarian product, you will be proud to show your Reate blades off!

  1. Versatile

They can handle a variety of tasks. This makes them an ideal product for military, police, and other emergency professionals. With its compact pocket-sized design and fast action flipper motion, rest assured your Reate knife will be ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice.

  1. Ease of Handling

Reate knives are renowned for how easy they are to handle. Flick them open in one smooth motion. The handles also come with indents for your thumb and fingers, enabling an optimal grip.

  1. Ergonomic Design

The handles of Reate knives have ergonomic properties designed to protect your arms and fingers against stress and strain. They also come with chamfered edges that guarantee maximum comfort for the user.

  1. Superior Locking System

Reate knives come with an easy-access frame lock featuring a sturdy steel lock-bar insert (replaceable) that doubles up as an over-travel preventer.

  1. Best Pocket Clip Mechanism

Built from premium quality titanium, all Reate knives come with a pocket ball clip that delivers optimal retention while being easy to slip in and out of your pocket. It's also specially designed, so it doesn't cause tension or discomfort in the handling of the blade or affect its performance.

  1. Easy to Open

Reate flipper knives open in one smooth, fluid action.

  1. Perfect Weight

Reates knives are an ideal weight and size. The innovative milled pockets in the interior of the scale ensure they are lightweight but not flimsy.

  1. Stylish Finish

All Reate blades and bevels have a stonewashed finish and mirror-polished flats. Not only does this enhance the appearance of these knives, but it also contributes to their beautifully smooth and efficient action.

  1. Durable

Reate knives like the Mini Horizon D Blue Damasteel model are built to last. With superior quality materials and design, they are some of the longest lasting blades on the market.

  1. Easy to Clean

With their innovative bearing design, they are easy to disassemble for cleaning. Because the ball bearings are not visible from the outside, it is less likely they will get dirty.

  1. Come with Spare Parts

With every Reate knife, you get plenty of spare parts at no extra cost. From replaceable steel screws and pivot washers, you will never find yourself at a loss when your Reate blade needs an extra part or two.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Reate provides fast production and delivery and exceptional customer service. Each Reate product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.