USN Gathering G8 Show in Las Vegas

USN Gathering G8 Show in Las Vegas

Posted by Clayton on Dec 22nd 2015

We are back at it after a great show at the USN Gathering G8 in Las Vegas. Met some really great people and reconnected with old ones. I came back with some goodies and most of them are gone but I am going to list what I have left available here.

Marfione Sigil MK6 Mirror Polish Copper plate

The Marfione Custom Knives were ridiculous as always. The Microtech G8 Show Special was a hellhound blade and a surefire must have, at $150. They went quick. Microtech also introduced the Borka Blades, Anthony Marfione collaborations auto stitch which was gone immediately as well. Expect that to be in production in the coming months.

Marfione Custom Sigil MK6 Ghosted G8 USN

The newest Sigil MK6 made quite the impression and with a fixed pocket clip turned a lot of heads. Especially the antique green finish Tony put on it, very cool.

Microtech Hellhound Ultratech G8 USN

The baddest creation in my opinion was the Cypher OTF collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Deryk Munroe, a killer auto. Matrix, Mini Matrix, Hellhound Combat Troodon,

GTC Custom Stampede SLT USN G8

We managed to nab knives from a bunch of makers like GTC, Sharknivco, Jeremy Marsh, Borka Blades and a host of others.