4 Key Secrets of OTF Knives Safety

4 Key Secrets of OTF Knives Safety

Jul 22nd 2021

4 Key Secrets of OTF Knives Safety

As a knife enthusiast, you might have your sights set on an OTF (Out-the-Front) blade. But if you're feeling overwhelmed by reports of potential safety issues surrounding using these knives, don't worry. This blog will provide four essential tips to help ensure safe and responsible handling since we know you deserve to add this amazing knife to your collection!

Before diving into the specifics of OTF knives, also known as sliding knife safety, it's important to note that these tips work for single-action and double-action knives. Whether you choose a manually opened or switch-activated blade, our advice is applicable no matter your preference. Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

Keep Yourself Safe

  1. Properly Open and Close Your OTF Knife

When deploying an out-the-front (OTF) knife, hold it with your non-dominant hand and away from your body. For side-opening blades, either hand is fine; when retracting the blade back into its sheath or closing a side-opening knife, keep a secure grip on the handle and ensure that all fingers are clear of the path of the blade as you press it in.

  1. Use Them at a Safe Distance

It's paramount to maintain a safe distance from the knife while you work with it. Keep your knife at arm's length away, and never carve towards yourself- especially when camping or facing an emergency. By doing this, you will guarantee that no harm comes your way!

  1. Pass The OTF Knife in The Right Way

Before you hand over your sliding knife, it's important to close the blade first. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury for the other person. If you must keep it open when passing it along to another individual, be sure that they are holding the blade and not just by its handle. Additionally, point the cutting side away from them for their safety before releasing your end completely.

  1. Care for Them!

Finally, all knives necessitate regular maintenance to remain effective and safe. Sharpening the blade or lubricating it to guarantee a smooth operation and hinder rusting are vital tasks when caring for your OTF knife.

With These Secrets about OTF Knives, You Will Be Safe

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