4 Things To Check Your Knife's Quality

4 Things To Check Your Knife's Quality

Feb 20th 2020

Knives are tools we depend on for many tasks, but their performance and how much time they last will depend on their quality. When buying a knife, you should look out for the quality of the product you're getting. This will ensure you're getting a reliable product.

The Problems With Low-Quality Knives

Knife quality will determine many factors. A low-quality knife has a shorter useful life and is ill-suited for many tasks. It can easily be damaged beyond repair by exposure to the elements, wear, or accidents. A low-quality knife can also be harmful to the user since it can rust and be more likely to cause accidents.

How To Know If Your Knife Has Good Quality

There are a few things you can look for to determine the quality of your knife. Let's take a look at how you can evaluate each.

The Knife's Blade

A high-quality blade should be made out of good quality steel. The better the steel, the longer the knife will last and the sharper it'll stay. It should be resistant to rust. A good, sturdy blade will last for you a long time.

The Handle

A good handle should fit comfortably in your hand and have a good grip. It should also be made out of a good quality material that will not easily wear or corrode.

The Feel

A good knife should be well balanced and feel sturdy in your hand. It should be comfortable and easy to use. If you feel like you're using too much strength or feel awkward, it probably is low quality or ill-fitted for your hand.


Ideally, a good knife should be relatively easy to sharpen. However, this can be affected by the type of metal the blade is made from. It's important to use a sharpened knife because a dull blade is dangerous and can cause accidents.

Get The Highest-Quality Knives

A good way to shop knives is to know which brands make high-quality knives. An example of this is Microtech Knives, particularly the Microtech Ultratech. These knives are made of high-quality materials that endure use and exposure to different elements.

It's also important to know which stores sell high-quality knives. Whether custom knives, OTF knives, switchblades, or automatic knives, a high-quality store will list each product's materials, qualities, and properties. Eknives, an online shop for knives and tactical gear, is a good example.

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