5 Famous Blades Throughout History: From Excalibur To The Bowie Knife

5 Famous Blades Throughout History: From Excalibur To The Bowie Knife

May 19th 2022

Knives are not just tools; they’re pieces of art. Throughout history, knife-making has played an essential role in human civilization. They have served various purposes, from hunting and survival to warfare and self-defense. Some blades have even become legendary due to their feats in battle and other adventures!

As a knife collector, we know you are interested in these items beyond their functionality. You appreciate their aesthetic and historical significance, so you’re eager to learn as much as you can about these valuable pieces. This blog post is for you! We'll review five iconic blades from Excalibur to The Bowie Knife throughout history. Let’s begin!

1. Excalibur: The Sword of King Arthur

Excalibur is a legendary sword from the medieval era that was given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. It was said to have magical powers and could only be pulled out of a stone by “the chosen one .”Excalibur symbolizes justice, strength, and courage, just like the legendary knights of the Round Table.

2. Katana: Samurai Swords of Ancient Japan

The Katana is a curved, single-edged longsword used by Japanese samurai in the feudal period. These swords were well-known for their sharpness and strength. The blades were frequently decorated with intricate patterns and designs, adding to their mystique.

3. Falcata: Ancient Sword of The Iberian Peninsula

The Falcata was a sword used by ancient warriors in the Iberian Peninsula during the Iron Age. Its curved blade and pointy tip characterized it, allowing warriors to deliver powerful, fatal blows with minimal effort. Historians believe it was a major factor in the success of the Iberian armies.

4. Gladius: The Roman Legion’s Blade

The Roman legionaries used the Gladius during warfare, making them one of history’s most feared fighting forces. This sword had a short and double-edged blade, making it effective for thrusting and slicing, allowing warriors to perform deadly combos with minimal effort.

5. Bowie Knife: Legendary American Fighting Knife

The Bowie knife is an iconic American blade made famous by its namesake – the knife-making pioneer Jim Bowie. It is a fixed-blade knife with a characteristic curved blade and clip point, making it effective for slashing and piercing. To this day, the Bowie knife is still a popular choice for self-defense and hunting.

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