​5 Reasons Why a Microtech Knife Is the Perfect Gift for a Knife Collector

​5 Reasons Why a Microtech Knife Is the Perfect Gift for a Knife Collector

Jul 26th 2018

If there’s a knife collector in your life, chances are they’re a little hard to shop for when it comes to holidays or birthdays. They have preferences for what they want in their collection and you may feel out of your depth when considering what kind of knife to buy them as a gift. Look no further, however. Microtech knives are the solution to your problems.

Because there is so much choice in the Microtech lineup, there’s a design that will make everyone happy. Here you will find a helpful and thorough guide to why you should definitely pick a Microtech knife when you’re looking for a gift for a knife collector.

1. Name and Reputation

Microtech Logo

Since Microtech was founded in Vero Beach, FL, in 1994, founder Anthony Marfione has worked incredibly hard to make the Microtech name stand for passion, skill, functionality and form. Today, the Microtech headquarters is located in North Carolina and it is one of the largest production knife companies in the world.

There are many options when choosing a Microtech knife now. Although they started by making just one model, there are now over a dozen to choose from. Their track record of stellar collaborations with other knife producers also makes their reputation even more solid and makes them a great choice to gift to the knife collector in your life.

2. Quality

Microtech knives are known for their high-quality parts, superb construction and nonconformist design aesthetics, all of which appeal to the modern knife collector. Marfione is also a maker of custom knives. He is known for his superb mirror-polished finishes and his accurate and effective ability to sharpen a knife on a belt sander.

Some of Marfione’s more successful custom-made designs have now been produced at a higher quantity for the larger Microtech lineup, but the designs were still made with great care and effort, which shows in the quality of the knives. These models will allow civilians to feel safe in both suburban commando and combat situations.

The United States military also uses Microtech knives. Some of these military-approved knives have been released to the general public as well, including the Halo, Socom, UDT and Ultratech models. If the knife collector in your life has great respect for the men and women who serve this country, they will be touched by the gesture of a gift of one of these knives.

3. The Best of OTF: Ultratech

OTF: Ultratech

OTF knives, also known as out the front knives, are a convenient and easily usable form of a switchblade. To many consumers, the Microtech Ultratech model is the consummate OTF knife. There is a size and model of the Ultratech that will please anyone looking for a high-quality, efficient, sleek product to add to their knife collection.

Each Ultratech has the signature functional and stylistic touches of an aluminum handle, tri-angle hardware and deep-down carry clip secured to the knife by a glass carbide-tipped breaker attached to the butt of the handle. The Ultratech is also known for its strong spring and loud action.

If you like the styles of Ultratech but feel like there’s just something missing to them, the Ultratech can also be customized to fit your needs and lifestyle–or the preferences of the knife collector in your life.

4. The Best of OTF: Combat Troodon

Combat Troodon

Another one of Microtech’s OTF creations is the Combat Troodon. The name comes from a prehistoric, bird-like dinosaur who lived during the Cretaceous period and was discovered in North America. It shares a similar handle design to the Ultratech but has a variety of blades that can be used in different situations, depending on what the occasion calls for.

Enthusiasts can buy a Combat Troodon with a dual-edge dagger grind or a partially serrated or plain edge as well. Customization of the Combat Troodon can bring more complex blade shapes (think a Wharncliffe, a Tanto or a recurved drop point) and more exotic materials, such as bronze razor-wire Damascus or handmade hardware. It’s the sort of knife that draws the eye immediately.

5. Novelty

Not only do civilian consumers of knives as well as the United States military understand the value of a Microtech knife, but fictional characters do as well. In all three of Hollywood’s John Wick movies, Keanu Reeves’s character carries a customized Microtech knife.

In the first two movies, Reeves’s character wielded both an Ultratech and a Combat Troodon, but in the third installment, he stepped it up with a Cypher double-edge dagger. If you know a knife collector who’s a fan of the John Wick movies, getting him a replica of the knife used onscreen would be a truly epic gift idea.