5 Rules to Safely Handle Butterfly Knives

5 Rules to Safely Handle Butterfly Knives

Aug 19th 2021

5 Rules to Safely Handle Butterfly Knives

As a knife enthusiast, you always want to add something new and exceptional to your already impressive collection. Right now, you have your sights set on one of the most mesmerizing knives around- a Butterfly Knife or Balisong knife. However, with great power comes great responsibility! If not handled correctly, these blades can be dangerous! Fortunately for you, this blog will provide 7 essential rules that must be followed when handling any butterfly knife to ensure maximum safety at all times.

Following the Rules Is Essential!

  1. Always Assume the Knife Is Live

The most important rule to be followed when handling a butterfly knife is always to assume the knife is live and ready to open. Before attempting any tricks or maneuvers, double-check the latch mechanism on both sides of the handle to ensure it is engaged properly.

  1. Use Proper Grip

Using the correct grip when handling butterfly knives is essential to ensure maximum control. To do this, you should ensure your thumb and index finger are placed firmly on the latch side of the knife, while your other three fingers should be wrapped around the opposite handle.

  1. Practice With a Trainer Blade

If you're committed to becoming a master with this blade, investing in a trainer blade is wise. They are virtually identical in feel and look like the real thing but without the cutting edge that can cause harm if an accident occurs.

  1. Keep Fingers Clear

Executing maneuvers with a butterfly knife requires utmost caution and attention to where your digits are in relation to the blade, even if you have protective gloves on. By taking this precautionary step, you can avoid potential injury or any other unpleasant outcomes.

  1. Never Perform Tricks Over a Hard Surface

Move your butterfly knife over a soft surface like grass, sand, or mattress. Attempting them on hard surfaces can result in severe injury if the blade slips from your hands or you miscalculate its distance when opening it. Put safety first and practice these tricks over safe terrain for optimal results!

Priority #1: Safety -> Priority #2: Getting the Right Knife

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