51 Everyday Uses For Your EDC Knife

51 Everyday Uses For Your EDC Knife

Oct 9th 2023

Every day has a need for an everyday carry (EDC) knife.

But not all days are the same. Some days are full of Netflix and pajamas, some are nonstop with mowing the lawn and mopping the kitchen, and others days you’re out rock climbing and hammocking.

So, how can we be certain that an EDC knife can really prove useful daily? Because each day has its own particular knife needs.

We’ve compiled a list of 51 uses for your blade on all the different days you might encounter.

For Camping Days

An EDC knife is a must for any camping trip. You don’t want to be out alone in the wilderness without a tool that can do all of these (especially number eight):

  1. Create kindling.
  2. Cut larger pieces of firewood.
  3. Trim rope.
  4. Protect yourself from wildlife.
  5. Open cans.
  6. Prepare and chop food.
  7. Mark your path on a hike.
  8. Sharpen a stick for marshmallow roasting.

For Online Shopping Days

If you ever plan on purchasing anything online, you should probably do so with a knife in your pocket. The day your online goods arrive, you’ll need one for each of these steps:

  1. Opening the box.
  2. Popping the unreal number of inflated air pockets used to protect your purchase.
  3. Opening the plastic package your purchase came in.
  4. Removing tags from any articles like clothing.
  5. Breaking down the box so you can fit it in recycle.

The Microtech Sith Lord is perfect for making online shopping tasks even more enjoyable.

For Days You Eat

Most would agree that eating should take place every day. Your EDC knife can help you with any of these food-related tasks (just make sure you wash it first):

  1. Cut, chop, julienne, mince, or slice food to prepare it.
  2. Peel and remove pits from fruit.
  3. Spread jelly, butter, or cream cheese.
  4. Frost a cake.
  5. Cut a steak.
  6. Open a coconut.

For Days You’re Kidnapped

Unlike the eating days, this should not be a frequent day for you. But if you do find yourself captured, your EDC will come in handy. You can use your knife to:

  1. Cut through a zip tie.
  2. Cut through a rope.
  3. Defend yourself.
  4. Pick a lock.

For Days You Misplace Your Toolbox

Why carry a toolbox in your pocket when you could just carry a knife instead? Your EDC knife can take the place of many tools. Although we do recommend using your knife in these situations with caution, here are a few of the ways you can use your knife instead of specialized tools:

  1. Use it as a corkscrew.
  2. Use it as a screwdriver.
  3. Use the handle as a hammer.
  4. Remove car battery corrosion before jump-starting a car.
  5. Use it as a wire stripper.

For Fishing Days

Few things in life are more serene than sitting by a body of water, reel in hand, knife by your side. You can put your knife to good use for your fishing tip, whether or not you catch anything. It’s helpful for:

  1. Preparing bait.
  2. Cutting fishing wire.
  3. Removing a hook from a fish.
  4. Fileting and preparing a fish.
  5. Cutting each delicious bite of your freshly caught dinner (after you’ve washed it, of course.)

For Days Your Life (or Someone Else’s) is Endangered

Don’t make a habit of having a lot of these days, either. But if you are in an emergency situation that requires a knife, at least you will be prepared. You can use your knife to:

  1. Cut through a seatbelt.
  2. Cut through clothing or make a bandage to administer first aid.
  3. Break a window with the handle.
  4. Chisel through the ice.

For Days You Work at a Desk

While it would be frowned upon to use the blade to carve daily tally marks in your cell, uh, cubicle, to keep track of how long you’ve been stuck there, you will find a few good uses out of your knife at work:

  1. Sharpen a pencil.
  2. Remove a staple.
  3. Open your mail.
  4. Whittle wood when your boss isn’t looking.

For Gardening Days

Your EDC knife can’t take the place of a wheelbarrow, unfortunately, but it can come in handy in a few other ways around your yard. Here are the best ways to use your EDC knife in the garden:

  1. Prune plants.
  2. Harvest fruit or vegetables.
  3. Dig a small hole.
  4. Cut drainage holes in the bottom of a planter.
  5. Kill the spider that likes to hide in your hydrangeas.

For Health and Grooming Days

Who needs a spa trip when you have a knife?

  1. Remove a splinter.
  2. Clean under your nails.
  3. Cut a pill.
  4. Remove calluses.
  5. Trim your hair.

Well, okay, maybe at least leave the last one to a different tool.

An EDC knife is more than just a fashion statement or weapon. It is a valuable tool that you can use to save a life and clean out the Doritos crumbs that fell into your keyboard. What more could you ask for? Just don’t forget to bring your wallet to the EDC knife sale, as that’s one job your knife can’t do yet.