6 New Sog Hunting Knives From Shot Show 2013

6 New Sog Hunting Knives From Shot Show 2013

Posted by Drake on Jan 15th 2013

When you hear the name SOG you immediately think of military and tactical knives as a whole. For those who don't know how about a quick little history lesson. The hugely popular SOG specialty knife & Tool got their name from a special ops unit running covert operations in Vietnam years ago carrying a distinct combat knife.

It was in 1986 that Spencer Frazier would start the company solely to reproduce the SOG bowie knife paying tribute to the special ops unit who had created it. SOG has grown to be the knife of choice for many of the special forces and Navy seals.

6 New Hunting Knives Revealed 2013

This year SOG would unveil six new hunting knives aimed at a variety of tasks from skinning to boning and they would consist of fixed blades and folders with an array of handle choices.

  • HuntsPoint Skinning knife is just what it says with a flat ground S30V drop point blade that is 3.6" long and features a rosewood handle. Overall length is just over 8". This knife is designed with the hunter in mind and it is so good "Field and Stream" made it one of their best new hunting knives of 2013. Best of all, it's Made in USA! MSRP $140
  • HuntsPoint Boning knife is also a satin finish drop point S30V blade designed specifically for boning. It features a flat ground blade, rosewood handle and the same measurements as the skinner. MSRP $140
  • Twitch XL folder  is a classy yet larger high tech improvement from the Twitch measuring around 7.5" overall. It has all the savvy you want in a knife from SOG and it features SOG assisted technology. The 3.25" drop point blade is made from AUS-8 steel that contains a higher chromium content for toughness. and is just over 4" closed. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship in the wood handle. MSRP $120
  • Twitch 2 Folder is a new twist on an old classic the Twitch. This folding knife features a drop point AUS-8 blade straight edge with satin finish and the stylish Rosewood handle. MSRP $85
  •  HuntsPoint skinning molded handle folder is referred to by SOG as "co-molded"  and provide a really firm gripping surface and a color that is easy to spot when dropped in leaves outdoors. This fixed blade features AUS-8 steel drop point blade and has MSRP $80.
  • HuntsPoint boning molded handle folder also features AUS-* steel drop point blade and has MSRP $80.