​6 Reasons Why Custom Knives Make Great Groomsmen Gifts

​6 Reasons Why Custom Knives Make Great Groomsmen Gifts

Sep 20th 2018

Groom with his groomsmen

Choosing the right gift for your groomsmen can be a difficult task, and items such as cufflinks and tie clips have gone out of popularity. Couples today are looking for gifts that will be cherished and used throughout the owner's life, instead of something that gets thrown out or ends up in the donation bin for the thrift store. Custom knives are an excellent gift for your groomsmen. A wide variety of options gives you the ability to provide each groomsman with something personal and special just for them.

1. Everyday Tool

Knives are an everyday tool that most people need. Having the ability to carry and keep a quality knife on you means that you are prepared for simple tasks like opening a box, cutting rope or even a branch off a tree in your yard. They can also be kept in your car for emergencies. A simple custom folding knife makes a great gift for any groomsman and can often be more meaningful and special than other gifts associated with weddings.

2. Lots of Various Styles

Customized knives are designed for specific tasks such as hunting, fishing and self-defense. Each blade, materials and shape fulfills a specific need. Custom knives make a unique and memorable gift.

You can customize your knife choices for your groomsmen based on their personalities and hobbies. Choosing a tactical knife that is durable and versatile may work well for a groomsman who enjoys fishing, camping, or hunting. Likewise, a folding knife can be a great gift for groomsmen who need a knife handy for everyday tasks at work or around the house.

If you have a groomsman who builds models, works on cars, or even paints, they will likely be able to use a customized knife in their daily tasks. Knives can also be useful for tradesmen in the electrical, computer and electronics fields.

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3. Unique Options for Handles and Grips

Many knives offer the option to have the handles and grips customized. Often you can choose the color and design of the handle along with the pattern of the grip. In some cases, you may also be able to select a color for the blade of the knife.

These options offer you far more variety for customization and personalization than ordering a factory-produced knife. Your groomsmen’s preferences can be more closely matched when you select a blade color and handle style that best fits him.

4. Personalization

One of the most important aspects of gifts given to those who make your day extra special by being a part of your wedding party is the personalization options you can add to their gifts.

Names, initials, a logo, or even a significant event between the groom and the groomsman can be engraved onto the blade of many knives. This option may also be available on the handle of the knife.

Many grooms may find that engraving their groomsmen’s knives with an inside joke, or special song lyrics make the knives even more personal and fun. While some groomsmen may want to display their personalized knives, others will want to utilize them as a functional, everyday tool.

5. Knife Quality and Design

When choosing a knife as a gift for your groomsmen, you want to consider construction, materials use, usefulness, quality and price. Custom folding knives offer the versatility to be carried in your pocket, while out-the-front (OTF) knives are easy to deploy quickly.

Blade shapes and designs are also important, as each performs an essential function. Spearpoint blades are useful for piercing and stabbing, while drop point blades are often used for cutting and slicing.

Serrated blades can be used for hunting and fishing purposes, while tanto blades may be great as a display item or as a piercing blade.

Artistry may be another factor to consider, especially if the groomsman is a knife collector. Artistry is essential to knife collectors as it reflects the craftsman's skill and adds to the rarity of a piece.

6. Durability and Resiliency

Custom knives and custom folding knives are also more durable than their factory counterparts. They can be made from stainless steel, but are often made from carbon steel, which is much more durable. Since custom knives and are not mass-produced in a factory, their quality is far superior, increasing the lifetime of the blade.

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The Gift Your Groomsmen Actually Want

When deciding on the type of knife to get each of your groomsmen, think carefully about their day-to-day life, their hobbies and even their job. You want the knife to be an expression of what this person means to you and your spouse on this special day, but you also want a knife that fits its new owner and will be something they excitedly put in their pocket, car, toolbox, or hunting gear.