6 Reasons Marfione Custom Knives Deliver Unbeatable Performance and Quality

6 Reasons Marfione Custom Knives Deliver Unbeatable Performance and Quality

Posted by Clayton on Oct 3rd 2017

Marfione Custom Knifes are one of the most famous brands in the knife industry today. Tony Marfione started the company Microtech in 1994, and to this day, he hand-finishes his creations in his North Carolina workshop. The name Marfione has become synonymous in the business with high quality materials, awesome designs and unbeatable performance.

Here are six reasons to get your hands on one of these amazing knives today!

1. Strong Blade Steel

One of the first things you are going to look at when choosing a custom knife is the quality of the blade material. The blade steel is essential to your knife’s performance.

There are four key factors to consider: the hardness of the steel, its resistance to wear, its resistance to corrosion or rust and how long the blade will hold an edge. Of course, not all types of steel will be top performers in all four categories, so it is important to think about what you will use your knife for.

Marfione custom knives give you a variety of options. M390 steel is a new kid on the block that provides outstanding edge retention. It was developed to have high hardness and excellent resistance to rust.

Elmax is another ultra-premium blade steel that has a fantastic resistance to wear and tear. Unlike some  stainless-steel blades, Elmax is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. You can also find Marfione knives made from Damascus steel, one of the world leaders in stylish and super rust-resistant steels.

2. Reliable Grip Material

When you are looking for a top performing knife, don’t forget about the handle. It’s important you are comfortable holding the knife and it won’t slip out of your hands. Different handle materials also have different levels of durability and weight.

Marfione custom knifes have handles made from either titanium or aircraft alloys. Titanium is an unparalleled performer in rust resistance. It is lightweight, warm to the touch and incredibly strong. You would have to make a real effort to break one of these handles.

Aircraft alloys are essentially aluminum with other metals added for extra strength. Knife handles made from this material are light, and virtually indestructible.

3. Quality Lock Mechanism

The quality of your knife is also going to depend on the dependability of the locking mechanism. It is obviously very important for safety — you don’t want your knife slipping open or shut at an inopportune moment.

The type of locking mechanism you choose should be comfortable and fast to open and close. A great option is what is known as a frame lock. This is essentially where the frame or handle itself is the lock. When opened, the frame positions itself to place pressure on the tang of the blade and hold it open. To close, you simply move the frame back to its original position.

Marfione custom knives are known for these spring-type locks, which are lightning fast to open, strong and easy to open or close with one hand. You can’t beat that!

4. Huge Variety

What you are planning to do with your knife will influence the type of knife that will perform the best for you. Tony Marfione personally customizes Marfione knives, so there is a great variety to choose from.

As a rule, folding knives are good for cutting rope, food preparation, first aid and other small utilitarian tasks. Fixed blades are essential for hunting or camping, though they are not as easy to transport.

5. Hand-Sewn Sheaths

If you are purchasing a knife with a fixed blade or a larger flip-knife, you’ll want to make sure you can carry it around safely and conveniently. Marfione sheaths are made of custom Ramos leather. High-quality, hand sewn and American-made, the full range of sheaths come with a lifetime warranty for normal wear and tear. According to Ramos, the only thing they don’t cover you for is bear attacks. Imagine that!

6. Unbeatable Cool Factor

OK, so maybe this point doesn’t specifically relate to the performance of your custom knife. But since a Marfione knife is going to last you a lifetime, you’ll want something you can be proud to show off.

The Marfione range come in a wide variety of finishes. From intricately engraved handles to abalone inlays, mirror polish blades, bronze accents and much more, you’ll find the one that complements your style. You can even get all-black titanium stonewashed knives, which we think look absolutely kick-ass!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the range of Marfione Custom Knives currently available. You can’t beat them for performance or quality, but stock is limited. Make sure to get your favorite one today!