Brand Spotlight: Pro-Tech Knives

Brand Spotlight: Pro-Tech Knives

Feb 6th 2020

Founded in 1998,  Pro-Tech Knives is a family-owned company based in the United States. They pride themselves on creating automatic knives with the finest materials available. Their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship sets them apart in the knife world, making their products constantly desirable.

Pro-Tech Knives

Modern Manufacturing Meets Old World Craftsmanship

As stated on the Pro-Tech website, “the art of modern manufacturing excellence meets old world craftsmanship.” Blending the best of the old and the new, these tactical folding knives are made in their California USA factory. Pro-Tech knives are built with a high-tech manufacturing process that includes CNC machining, wire EDM, and laser cutting. Each of the knife components are assembled by hand to create truly original pieces.

Their award-winning knives are built with premium raw materials that are carefully machined, ground, deburred, finished, assembled, sharpened, inspected, and packaged under one roof in their California facility. Using only the best steel, titanium, aluminum, and billets of hand forged Damascus, each knife is a custom creation built for those who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship. In fact, they have been the winner of the prestigious Blade Show “Investor/Collector Knife of the Year” award for eight years!

Pro-Tech Knives

Popular Models

Pro-Tech specializes in side opening automatic knives but its the Malibu Manual Flipper that has taken the world by storm as of late. The Godfather, Runt and Newport are a few of the highly touted switchblade autos that Protech Knives offers.

The new ATCF auto designed by Bob Terzuola has entered the Protech lineup for 2022 and is expecting to be a top seller for them. 

Built with Quality, Craftsmanship, and Integrity

The knives are manufactured in small batches and each knife is individually hand finished. This level of care is rarely seen in a knife factory and is one of the many reasons their pieces are so highly sought after. Pro-Tech Knives aims to offer the best design, functionality, and value on the market today. Each piece is a unique piece of art, and their limited-edition knives are of heirloom quality and crafted to last a lifetime.

Pro-Tech Knives come with a lifetime warranty. They are confident that their products are free from defects in materials and craftsmanship, and they hold true to their word. Learn more about their warranty, what’s covered, and how to send your knife in for a repair here.

Pro-Tech Knives

Get Your Pro-Tech Knife Today

Once you get your hands on your first Pro-Tech knife, you’ll be hooked. Thankfully, their selection is ever changing, and new designs are consistently available. They create new designs with collaboration partners, new variations of their classic designs, new inlay materials, etc. Keep an eye out on our website to see the newest pieces as they won’t last long!

If you’re looking for quality, craftsmanship, and integrity – take a look at Pro-Tech Knives! We have a wide selection  available here, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect piece. Contact us at (423) 525-9477 if we assist you in any way.