Brand Spotlight: Rick Hinderer Knives

Brand Spotlight: Rick Hinderer Knives

Sep 10th 2019

Rick Hinderer started making knives in the mid 1980's. His journey began in a small 14'x18' turkey coop, without heat or even running water! His designs, and company, has come a long way since his humble beginning. His experience as an EMT/Fire Fighter helps to set him apart from the competition, as he brings his real world experiences into the design of every product. 

Rick Hinderer Knives

Sought After Knives

Rick Hinderer Knives are some of the most sought after pieces in the industry. Rick's meticulous attention to detail, and his keen eye for design, make his knives the perfect tactical and first responder tools. Over time, Rick began to utilize modern CNC precision manufacturing to create knives that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but extremely comfortable to hold. Whether you just need a good cutting tool, or a knife that will deliver when life is on the line, Rick Hinderer Knives will deliver! 

Rick Hinderer Knives

XM-18 3" Knife

The  XM-18 model is one of the toughest tactical folders. When designing the XM-18, Rick wanted to create a no nonsense tactical tool ready for the simplest cutting tasks to high speed low drag operations. The XM Series CNC flat ground Spanto blade is the best of both worlds offering maximum cutting potential in a blade that has a durable tip for prying; retaining its thickness right out to the tip. The oversized choil permits choking up on the blade for more precise work. The blade locks up on a solid ΒΌ in diameter Thumb stud which is press fitted into the blade. This makes for a very strong lockup as there is no loosening of the thumb stud which can happen with two piece designs. The fact that the thumb stud locks up against the frame adds an incredible amount of strength to the sideways torque of the blade as the sideways stresses are being stopped by the whole handle side, thus relieving the stress that would normally be put on the pivot.

Rick Hinderer Knives


Rick Hinderer's  Firetac model evolved from his first folding knife design in the tactical knife genre. Designed to be lite, nimble and yet stout enough to tackle the most difficult chores put before a heavy duty folding knife. Its slim linear design molds to your hand and carries easily in your pocket. The Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer comes as standard and now we have added the very popular Triway pivot system and hardened stainless lock insert.

The Rick Hinderer Guarantee

All Rick Hinderer products carry a limited warranty for the serviceable lifetime of the product. They guarantee all knives, pens and tools against manufacturing defects in materials, construction and to perform as advertised when maintained and used properly. The warranty does not cover normal signs of wear, rust, damage or breakage due to improper use, improper modification, or lack of maintenance.  Click here to learn more about how to request a warranty repair or replacement for your Rick Hinderer product. 

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