All You Need to Know About Microtech Halo Knives

All You Need to Know About Microtech Halo Knives

Posted by Clayton on Mar 21st 2017

To fully understand the Microtech Halo Knife, you must first get to understand Tony Marfione and his wife Susan, the founders of Microtech. Working out of their home in Vero Beach, Florida, Tony started Microtech in 1994.Tony had only a few simple objectives. First and foremost was manufacturing the finest possible product in the world. Dedication and a commitment to quality put Microtech knives on the map not long after Tony first introduced the HALO line in 1995.

HALO stands for High-Altitude, Low Open. The HALO is in a category of knives known as Out-The-Front (OTF), which, just as stated, means the knife blade deploys directly out of the handle by way of a compressed spring.

In today's parlance, these kinds of knives are known as "automatic," where in the past they might have been called "switchblade" knives. The technological advances employed by Tony Marfione and Microtech make the comparison inaccurate. The Microtech product is an example of a concept elevated to perfection.

The Evolution of the Microtech HALO Knife

As orders for Microtech HALO knives started building up, Tony Marfione needed to expand the Microtech facilities. The company packed up shop in Florida and moved north North Carolina to set up a factory to handle all the manufacturing needs. All along, they were expanding their product line, and that included making refinements to the HALO model.

From 1995 to 2017, the Microtech HALO has undergone five design incarnations. This doesn’t mean you could place five knives on a table to represent all the HALO model knives. Not by a long shot!

The anodized aluminum handle on the HALO is receptive to all kinds of variations in color, texture, and fanciful artistic designs. That means that, for each HALO model, there are colors like red, silver, and black, and designs like camo available.

For knife devotees who carry this model on their person every day for utility or protection, this can serve as a notable distinction—a signature of their personality.

Today's Microtech HALO Knife

Microtech knives and the Microtech HALO V are like fine watches. Just as you can custom order different kinds of Rolex watches (with enormous variations in price) so, too, can you obtain a customized HALO V knife.

They can be much costlier than the off-the-shelf models, but, for those who appreciate the finest, money is not the issue. For folks who do not have a fortune to spend on a knife, it is good to know that the mechanical technology in the off-the-shelf model Microtech HALO V is the same inside, so let's discuss why these knives are amazing.

Amazing in Every Way!

Holding the Microtech HALO in your hand is an experience in itself. The knife weighs in at about six and a half to seven ounces and, for a knife of its size, this is lightweight.

Edged weapon aficionados who bought the original Microtech HALO knife and then subsequently went on to collect the HALO II, the HALO III, and the HALO IV were astounded to find the HALO V dramatically superior to all the previous models.

The first indication is, of course, when you press the deploy button, and the formidable Elmax blade bursts into place at supersonic speed! You immediately feel the power embodied in this weapon.

The 4.6" blade added to the length of the handle makes this unit a combined length of 10.75 inches—a remarkably long size for any "pocket" knife. So, even closed, people who carry this knife with them at all times will need to consider how to accommodate its size. Velcro-equipped tactical carry pouches are, of course, ready to accommodate non-concealed-carry situations.

The Knife in Action

Once you have deployed the blade on the Microtech HALO V, the first thing you will notice is the amazing grip you have to help control the blade. The unit has several contours in the handle and the exact right number of ridges that afford you several ways to grasp the handle.

You can choke it and hold it near the blade or hold the handle farther back and extend the reach of the weapon. Both ways are very comfortable. The single action spring is very straightforward in operation.

Once the blade has locked into position, the next thing you will notice is just how secure it is. The superior Elmax blade is a substantial, three-dimensional construct with a precision-honed surface. You can place your first finger over the top blade to facilitate pressing it down to accomplish various types of cutting tasks.

When you are ready to store your knife again, a quick backward draw on the slide at the back retracts your blade and locks it back into place ready for its next deployment. It's all a very simple and elegant operation.


For knife collectors, the Microtech HALO knife is a wonderful addition. It is, arguably, the most desired knife to have in a collection. The Microtech HALO V is in a class by itself, and this knife is sure to thrill the lucky owner for many years to come.