Are Knives Useful For Hunting?

Are Knives Useful For Hunting?

Feb 23rd 2021

A reliable knife is a must-have for any survival situation. Whether your adventure takes you to the wilderness or an urban setting, having the right knife can make all the difference. For those looking for a trusty companion for their next excursion, switchblade knives and custom knives are two great options.

In this informative piece, you'll learn how a knife can be useful in case you're in a survival situation in the wilderness or in an urban setting. All you need to know is right here.

Wilderness Survival: How You Can Use A Knife

Building A Shelter

Having the right knife is essential when faced with a survival situation in the wilderness. Whether you opt for an everyday carry switchblade or custom knives, they can be used to construct and repair shelter.

Knives can be a lifesaver, from cutting branches to creating poles for a frame and sharpening them into stakes to fashioning tarps for rain cover.

Preparing Food

In a survival situation, having access to food is key. A knife can be used to cut and prepare foraged food like nuts and berries or catch fish from nearby rivers. You can also use it as a tool for skinning animals you've hunted successfully. Additionally, knives are great for cutting firewood to have a hot meal.

Making Fire

Of course, a knife is also crucial for starting fires. By using the friction of two pieces of wood, you can use your knife to create sparks that can eventually be used to start a fire. This will keep you warm and provide light in the darkness.


Whether it's a switchblade or a custom knife, having a tool to protect yourself and your family is invaluable in cases of potential danger. With the right training and technique, using knives for self-defense can be effective against predators.

Urban Survival: A Knife Can Come In Handy


Defending yourself in an urban setting is challenging. However, having a knife on hand can prove invaluable in such circumstances. Not only can knives protect from attackers, but they can also be used to break into locked areas and acquire items that may help you survive in the long run.

Opening Cans

Cans are a common staple in urban settings, and learning how to open them quickly and efficiently is essential for any survival situation. A switchblade knife offers a great solution for this issue, as they allow you to quickly switch between the blades on either side of the knife.

Cutting Cords And Ropes

In an urban setting, there are countless cords and ropes that need to be cut. From electrical cords to zip ties, having a knife can make quick work of any of these tasks.

Emergency Services

Knives are also incredibly useful for emergency services, as they can quickly cut through locked doors, windows, and other obstacles that may stand in the way of saving lives.

Custom knives are especially beneficial in these situations, as they can often be custom-made with additional features such as serrated edges or multiple blades.

How To Choose A Knife For Survival Situations

Blade Type

When choosing a knife for survival situations, blade type is one of the most important factors to consider. It's essential to select a knife with an appropriate blade length and style that can be used in various scenarios. The right blade should be able to perform basic cutting tasks like slicing and chopping while also being sturdy.

Handle Material

The handle material of a knife is equally important when it comes to selecting the right purchase. A handle should provide a comfortable, secure grip and be easy to maintain. Look for durable materials like wood, metal, rubber, or plastic that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism is an excellent safety feature to have on a knife. This feature prevents the blade from closing suddenly and keeps it in place when using it. Consider knives with liner, frame, or back locks for maximum security.

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