Are Microtech Knives Legal in Colorado?

Are Microtech Knives Legal in Colorado?

Sep 22nd 2020

Microtech Knives are knives that are precision crafted in the United States. They are made with tight tolerances and high-quality materials to ensure a knife that will last you a lifetime. Microtech Knives also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your knife is protected no matter what happens.

But the question is, is it legal to carry a Microtech knife in Colorado? Microtech knives are not permitted due to their automatic opening feature. Knives with a blade length of three and a half inches or less are considered concealed weapons and must be carried openly. However, any knife with a blade over three and a half inches is classified as a deadly weapon and, therefore, cannot be concealed without the proper license.

In this blog, we will discuss the following:

  • Specifications that make Microtech illegal in Colorado
  • Requirements to Carry a Knife legally
  • Quality Knife Provider

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Specifications That Make Microtech Illegal

Microtech knives with long blades are illegal in Colorado because they are considered to be a switchblade. A switchblade is defined as any knife with a blade that automatically opens when applied pressure to a button.

Knives that are Legal in Colorado.

You may be surprised to know that you can carry a variety of knives in Colorado, even though the state has stringent knife laws. If your knife meets specific requirements, you can take it concealed.

You must know a few things about Colorado's knife laws before deciding which type is right for you. We will cover what is and isn't legal in Centennial State so you can stay within the law and safety.

In Colorado, two types of knives are legally concealed: folding and fixed-blade. Folding knives must have a blade that locks into place when opened; otherwise, it's considered gravity knife, which is illegal to carry concealed. Fixed-blade knives must be carried in a sheath attached to your body if they're carried on your person.

Requirements To Carry a Knife Legally

You must know a few laws if you're thinking of carrying a knife.

Knives can be carried openly without a permit, but there are some restrictions on the type of knives that can be carried.

In general, folding knives with a blade length of 3.5 inches or less are legal to carry, but switchblades and ballistic knives are not.

It's important to remember that these laws can vary depending on the county or municipality that you reside in, so it's always best to read about your local law enforcement agency before carrying any knife.

Quality Knife Providers

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