Are Microtech Knives Legal In Connecticut? | EKnives

Are Microtech Knives Legal In Connecticut? | EKnives

Apr 15th 2021

Are Microtech Knives Legal In Connecticut?

Have you ever felt so excited to start a hobby that you forgot to do the proper research? Well, that's not an unknown feeling for most of us. It can also be frustrating to find out the hard way that you may have run into some legality issues. This is especially true when collecting knives or using them for everyday purposes.

Before buying a Microtech knife in Connecticut, you must know the existing laws and regulations. In this blog post, we'll go over what you should know about knife laws in Connecticut and how to ensure that you stay within legal boundaries. Keep reading to learn more!

Connecticut Knife Laws

In Connecticut, no general law says all knife laws must be the same state-wide. So, different towns can have their own rules about knives. For example, Cheshire doesn't allow people to carry knives in parks and recreation areas. In New London, any knife with a blade over 3 inches is considered dangerous.

If you're traveling to different regions of the state, take a few moments to research local and state laws about the ownership of knives. To ensure that your adventures remain legal, here's an overview of some allowed blades:

  • Automatic knives, balisongs, gravity knives, and switchblades.
  • Push knives, daggers, stilettos, and dirks are legal to own.
  • Disguised cane, boot, and lipstick knives are legal to own.
  • It's legitimate to possess Bowie knives and other large blades.

Basically, you can own any knife. However, you have to keep it in your home. To avoid legal complications, ensure you understand all the laws and regulations governing knife ownership in Connecticut.

Restrictions You Can't Overlook

Although you can own knives, there are also restrictions that you must observe. These are the knives you can't carry open or concealed:

  • Automatic knives over 1.5 inches.
  • Switchblades over 1.5 inches.
  • Stilettos.
  • Blades over 4 inches.

To summarize everything: there are no illegal knives in Connecticut. There are only limitations when you carry knives in public or outside your home.

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