Are OTF Knives Legal In All 50 States?

Are OTF Knives Legal In All 50 States?

Mar 10th 2020

Disclaimer, Check your local laws. This is not Legal Advice.

First of all, what are OTF knives? The term OTF means “out of the front” types of knives. Switchblade knives are knives where the blade stows in the handle. It is essential to learn about state laws and regulations concerning OTF knives.

Specific State laws details differ from state to state. As citizens, it’s vital to carry responsibility. Eknives encourages responsibility while carrying an OTF knife.

Understandably, each state has different restrictions on switchblades due to the misuse of this product for criminal reasons. These laws protect against violent crimes carried out using switchblades.

Switchblades and OTF Knives - What Are The Differences?

You may be asking, what is the difference between a switchblade and an OTC knife? The difference is where the blade will come out of the handle. For example, the OTC is a switchblade, but the blade will spring out the front instead of the side.

OTF knives are considered dangerous and illegal in some states like Colorado. Blades longer than 3.5 inches are illegal, even if concealed. The only exception is for sporting activities such as hunting and fishing. All schools are weapon-free areas.

Know Your Rights about OTF Knives

Connecticut also has blade length laws. Blades longer than 4 inches are prohibited for all knives, and switchblades or automatic knives can only be 1.5 inches long.

Switchblade knives are illegal within Washington, D.C. Knives cannot be carried in school or recreational areas. The penalties for violations in the District of Columbia are serious, so use caution if you are in this city.

Hunters, campers, fishers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts must research state laws regarding OTF and switchblade use. While shipping your knife via the U.S. Postal Service is typically illegal, your Microtech switchblade can arrive at your home from EKnives using FedEx or UPS.

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