Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Missouri? | EKnives

Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Missouri? | EKnives

Apr 20th 2021

Are Switchblades Illegal Or Legal In Missouri?

Missouri is full of wonders. Its people are known for their love of outdoor activities. Missouri is an oasis for any outdoors enthusiast, no matter if you're in a metropolitan park, national forest, wildlife refuge, or conservation area. When embarking on your journey of exploration and discovery into the wild unknowns of nature's beauty, it's essential to have the right equipment - like a reliable cutter or automatic knife.

A trusty blade should be your first line of defense when navigating the wild forest. But is it legal to own any knife? Before purchasing one or taking it into the wild, you must do the proper research. In this blog post, we'll go over Missouri's knife laws and restrictions so you can make sure your blade is legal in the state. Keep reading!

Understanding Missouri's Knife Laws

In 2012, Missouri laws regarding knives were less favorable than they are today. It was once illegal to carry an automatic knife in the state, but that has changed! The law was amended and revised so that now it is allowed to own and transport a switchblade throughout the state of Missouri.

Be mindful, though: it's only LEGAL to possess or carry an automatic knife or switchblade if the blade does not exceed Federal laws. Therefore, one must be knowledgeable of Federal regulations regarding such items. Following these policies, a person may own switchblades with less than 3 inches long.

Legal Knives To Own

There are many types of knives that are legal to own in Missouri. To be more precise, these are the knives you can legally own:

  • Stilettos, dirks, and other slim knives.
  • Daggers and boot knives.
  • Butterfly knives.
  • Throwing knives, stars, and axes.
  • Large knives and Bowie knives.
  • You can also own and carry switchblades or automatic knives.

Limits You Shouldn't Overlook

On the other hand, there are also certain limitations one should consider. Some of those are:

  • You can conceal-carry any pocket knife with a folding blade of 4 inches or less.
  • In Missouri, it is illegal to conceal-carry any knife with a blade exceeding 4 inches on your person or vehicle.
  • You're allowed to open-carry any legal knife.

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