​Brand Spotlight: Brian Tighe Knives

​Brand Spotlight: Brian Tighe Knives

Jun 28th 2018

Canadian Brian Tighe has been building his brand within the custom tactical knife market for the past 30 years. Once he was established in his career, he felt limited by the entry price point of custom knives and decided to venture into the mid-tech range knife market in 2016 with his new brand, Brian Tighe & Friends (BT&F).

Brian Tighe & Friends brings professional folding knives, assembled by hand into a more affordable price range. This way, Tighe can reach more people with his designs without losing the creative hands-on process that the custom knife market offers.

In addition to these two ventures, he has worked on different collaborations with brands like Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) and Spyderco Knives.

Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Custom Tactical Knives Accolades

Brian’s custom knives have been on the cover of publications like BLADE, Knives Illustrated and Tactical Knives.

Tighe won “Most Innovative Design” at the 2010 and 2012 Blade shows. In 2017, BT&F was awarded “Most Innovated Design” at Blade for the first-ever Tighe Breaker Integral Automatic. His custom knives feature bright colors and statement designs on both the blades and grips. No other knife maker quite masters the fusion of art and traditional knife work like Tighe.

  • Elaborate Designs

Mid-tech Brian Tighe knives are made in the USA and are at least partially assembled by hand. Each knife has a special lock design that made Tighe what he is today.

damascus steel knife 

Tighe is always trying to innovate and push the envelope on traditional knife design and has been looking at using glow-in-the-dark carbon fibers and inlays in upcoming projects. If you take a look at Tighe’s previous projects, you’ll see that he doesn’t just design the grip or the blade. It’s always both—he has a true passion for his craft, and it shows.

  • High Functionality

Even though Tighe’s knives may look different from the standard tactical knife, they are used no differently. Tactical knives are best for hard and quick use every day and in emergencies.

The high-quality materials used also keeps maintenance easy and minimal. The DLC coating on many of Tighe’s knives prevents scratches on your blade. The CPM-154 steel is even stronger and more durable than other stainless steels. However, these blades can be sensitive to water, so watch out for rust. With CPM-154, it is easier to achieve that satin or powdered look that some of Tighe’s blades have.

Popular Brian Tighe Knives

  • Tighe Breaker Titanium Automatic Recurve

Tighe Breaker Titanium Automatic Recurve 

This 9” automatic recurve has a cutting edge of 3.75”. One of Tighe’s newest knives on his affordable Tighe and Friends brand, this knife is, as always, only made from the highest quality materials. The handle is of titanium integral, with an automatic push button to open and a plunge button lock.

Twist Tighe D/A OTF Auto Double Edge 

This is Tighe’s first-ever OTF double action automatic knife with an overall length of 9.07”. The handle, 5.75” in machined aluminum, is easy to hold and a beauty to look at. The 3.75” CPM-154 blade has a double edge. This knife is lightweight, only coming in at about 4oz. If you want to get a feeling for how much detail goes into one of these knives, look at Tighe’s logo inside the G10 thumb slide button on the handle.

Twist Tighe D/A OTF Auto Tanto DLC 

Another new edition to Tighe’s mid-tech line, this CPM-154 DLC Tanto 3.75” blade has an overall length just over 9”. Like other Tanto knives, Tighe’s version has a flat blade with the majority of the metal-centered at the tip. These blades are some of the strongest on the market today and can puncture some of the toughest materials. Paired with Tighe’s top-notch designs, these won’t last long—trust us!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Tighe has become synonymous with master knife designs. He has created his own niche in the market.

If you are looking for a functionally sound, stunning knife, Tighe’s tactical knives are an excellent option. We know these knives do come at a steeper price than less customized mass-produced options, but the quality materials and vision ultimately justify the final price.

If you are interested in any Brian Tighe custom knives, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (423)-525-9477. Like Brian Tighe, we strongly believe excellent craftsmanship is not only for the select few, and that is why we offer a range of 60-day layaway plans.