Brand Spotlight: Microtech/Marfione Custom Knives

Brand Spotlight: Microtech/Marfione Custom Knives

Posted by Clayton on Jun 16th 2016

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Every avid knife collector has a brand he or she prefers and seeks out at every opportunity. Many discerning collectors favor the popular Microtech knives but have no idea that Microtech founder, Anthony Marfione, also creates one-of-a-kind custom knives for his Marfione Custom Collection.

Each knife in the Custom collection is hand inspected by Tony Marfione himself, so you can be sure of a product of superior quality. One of these unique knives can take an amateur collector to the next level with a peerless showcase piece.


Tony Marfione founded Microtech Knives in Florida in 1994. Microtech distinguished themselves from other knife brands by tight quality control—less than one thousandth of an inch tolerance on machined parts. This level of quality makes the mass production knives work and feel like a handmade, custom creation. Microtech has since made knives for the U.S. Military, including the HALO and SOCOM models.

In 2007, the company branched out to create Microtech Small Arms Research and produce an American-made assault rifle to rival the Steyr AUG. They are the first knife manufacturer to enter the small arms industry, and their production has grown each year.

Microtech has received some prestigious awards both for their knives and their small arms. The knives and Tony Marfione have been on the covers of magazines and interviewed for spotlight articles around the world. Microtech is universally known for its quality and groundbreaking design.

Tony began creating custom knives, and so Marfione Custom was born. These knives are truly top-of-the-line. Each piece is designed by Tony himself or his partner, Deryk Munroe of Munroe Knives, and handmade with the best, most technologically-advanced materials. Both men are true masters and heralded in the knife world for their innovative design and craftsmanship that sets the bar for everyone else.

Their collaborations bear the Marfione Custom Sigil—a signal to collectors that this is a rare and immaculate creation. Each custom knife is unique, making them a highly sought-after collector’s item. Tony Marfione keeps a close eye on his custom label, inspecting all of the products before they are released.


Every knife in the collection is custom designed, but many are new takes on Microtech’s popular mass-made knives. Knives are made in all styles—OTF, double-action, Borka blades, and so on. They have also included some novelty items in recent releases. The Marfione Tactical Beard Comb is a great accessory for the bearded knife enthusiast, and the Marfione T-Bot Copper Bottle Opener is something anyone and everyone would appreciate.

Marfione ensures that only the highest quality materials available go into his namesake creations. The body is milled from 6AL4V titanium, a super durable variant, while the hardware is made from design appropriate materials such as bronze or blued titanium.

The handle is finished with their apocalyptic treatment or a more decorative treatment like their Dragon Skin marbling.

The blades are also titanium with different finishes.

It fits nicely in the hand with details like chamfered edges and a Marfione patented flush mount pocket clip. The finished product is without equal. Each Marfione Custom knife is a knife of painstakingly precise craftsmanship with no blemishes or imperfections.

One critique that some collectors have with the brand is the titanium tri-wing proprietary hardware. This custom hardware is patented, so you cannot obtain the tools to take the knife apart yourself.

If you can get past this issue, though, the custom hardware does add another level of style and custom appeal to the finished product. With a lifetime limited warranty backing up each knife, you should never have any reason to take it apart. Any necessary warranty service will be performed quickly, and your knife will be returned in brand new condition.

Where to Find Them

Marfione Custom knives have been described as unicorns—impossible to find. Once a new series is released, you can find them at specialty knife stores locally or online, but you have to be quick. The company only releases a select few to distributors. These limited-edition knives are snapped up immediately by die-hard devotees to the brand and its amazing quality.

You can also find them at the large knife shows both domestically and internationally. Marfione knives shine at shows, such as the Tactical Knife Invitational in Las Vegas, the Milan Custom Knife Show in Milan, Italy, and the Canadian Knifemakers Guild in Toronto.

If you are looking for a truly stand-out knife to add to your collection, seek out a Marfione Custom creation. The beauty of the piece is only exceeded by the expert craftsmanship. It will be a knife that you can be proud to show off for many years to come. But be careful—you might get hooked!