Brand Spotlight: Medford Knives

Brand Spotlight: Medford Knives

Dec 26th 2019

Greg Medford, founder of Medford Knives, lives in Arizona and is proud to be an American patriot. Medford Knives are 100% American made in Phoenix, Arizona by Greg and his excellent team. They excel at small-scale manufacturing with hand-crafting and a keen eye for details. 

Greg was raised to value hard work, honesty, and treating people right - and he incorporates all of those core values into the Medford Knives culture. Greg brings intense passion, dedication, and excellence to the craft of knife making. He has been using and restoring Japanese swords since the mid 1980's, and as a former Unites States Marine, pilot, and master martial artist, he brings first hand experience as he creates his high-end line of knives. 

Medford Knives

When you hold a Medford Knife, you can immediately see and feel the quality. This is not your everyday pocket. Instead, these are heavy duty tactical knives, and they're meant to be used as such. The craftsmanship in Medford Knives is second to none from the hollow ground edges to the heat treating process. 

Medford Knives offers several folding and fixed blade models that cater to the Military Special Ops as well as the general public. When you purchase a Medford Knife you get a lifetime full replacement warranty ensuring that this work of art survives many generations. 

Greg knows how important it is to have the very best tools to get you back to your loved ones after a mission or adventure. When a knife leaves the studio with their logo stamped into it, all of these influences bear forth in the steel and quality of their products.

At Eknives, we are proud to partner with Medford Knives. Contact us anything if you have any questions, or if you're looking for something specific. Call us at (423) 525-9477 and we'll be happy to assist you.