Jerry Moen Custom Knives For Sale

Jerry Moen Custom Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Dec 20th 2016

The world of custom knives is constantly changing. New artists challenge established brands and seasoned masters compete with talented newcomers. Jerry Moen of Moen Custom Knives is a seasoned veteran with years of enthusiasm for knives giving him the appeal of an established favorite. Learn a little about why your next custom knife should be a Jerry Moen creation.


Like any good Texan, Jerry Moen developed a love for fine knives at a young age. His personal collection of knives spans decades and, as it grew, his knowledge and interest developed as well. He began to appreciate the finer details of knife craft—the creativity of knife makers and the art of a functional yet beautiful tool. That delicate balance of art and function is what truly intrigued him. After a long career in the oil and gas industry, he decided to take his hobby to the next level and try his hand at knife making.

Moen Custom Knives has gained national attention, thanks to Jerry’s skill and attention to detail. He says he owes his success to the patience and guidance of friends in the industry, but his knives would not have taken off without his hard work and talent. Jerry loves his craft, but he also loves the social aspect of a custom knife operation. As is expected in the custom industry, he meets personally with clients to create the perfect blade of their dreams, though he also creates amazing blades completely of his own design.

The Moen Custom Knives shop has an open-door policy, and Jerry often invites hobbyists and knife enthusiasts into his shop for a cup of coffee and to chat over their shared love of blades. He also backs each of his creations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Blue Max Series

One of Moen’s most recognizable series of custom knives is the Blue Max series. These often feature bright blue coloring in the handle, blade, and other fittings. Like all of the others, these knives are of exceptional quality with carbon fiber handles and steel blades. The inspiration for these knives came from one of Jerry Moen’s close friends—Raymond Beadle. Beadle drove the Blue Max “Funny Car” in the NASCAR Funny Car drag race series. Moen continues to make these knives in his good friend’s honor.

Beadle skyrocketed to success in the NASCAR Funny Car series. In his first season, he was arguably more popular and more successful than any other driver. He won the national championship as a rookie in 1975 and became the reigning world champion by the 1980s.

Beadle also had a head for business. He copyrighted the Blue Max name, attracted sponsors, qualified for races, and charged a premium for appearance fees. He loved the business of racing so much, he became NASCAR Winston Cup team owner from 1983 to 1990. Beadle spent his retirement as a rancher in West Texas where he bred grand champion horses.

The original Blue Max knife was a flipper with an acid wash two tone blade and carbon fiber handles. The backstrap and hardware were all blue anodized titanium in Beadle's honor.

Jerry decided in 2017 to produce a Blue Max Automatic version of the knife with several options including a high quality Damasteel blade.

Millit Knives Max Evolution Collaboration

In 2016 Millit Knives, known for their quality and ability to mass produce custom knives on a large scale, decided to collaborate with Jerry Moen and create their version of the Blue Max. This knife would be a all titanium flipper and several anodizing blade and handle options with intricate detail.

So in 2017, the Millit Max Evolution was born and it did not disappoint. The price point on these was great and the action was superb. The knife was approved by Jerry Moen who stated, "this is the best representation of the Blue Max I could have ever imagined."


Like any custom knife maker, Moen is choosy with his materials for every aspect of each knife. His preferred blade materials are PSF 27 Damascus steel and CPM 154 steel. The CPM 154 stainless steel has become one of the most popular steels in knife making, thanks to the great balance of hardness and durability.

PSF 27 Damascus steel is also gaining popularity for excellent edge retention and the beautiful finish. Handles range from carbon fiber to Mammoth tooth to pre-banned elephant ivory. Many of his fixed blade knives feature intricate ornamental engraving on the handle.

Moen has also enjoyed success through collaboration with Millit Knives. This new knife company is quickly gaining popularity and notoriety in the knife world. Their creations with Jerry Moen are a big part of that success. Even though this series, called Max Evolution, is a production series, many knife enthusiasts praise it for having the feel of a custom creation.

The Max Evolution is setting a new standard for high-end production knives and challenging the custom market as well. With high-grade, 3D machining on all parts, these production knives offer the quality of a custom creation but still carry the production price tag.

Final Thoughts

Jerry Moen may have come to knife making late in life, but his incredible success speaks for itself. An original Moen Custom Knife is truly a must-own piece for any high-end collector, and the production collaboration brings his artistry and quality to a broader audience. No matter if you want your next knife to be a quality production knife or you’re looking to add that unique custom creation to your collection, any Moen knife will deliver exactly what you want.