Brand Spotlight: Protech’s Production and Custom Knife Lines

Brand Spotlight: Protech’s Production and Custom Knife Lines

Posted by Clayton on Apr 28th 2016

Tis the season for gift giving, but why not give yourself one of these gorgeous automatic knives from Protech? Protech is a family owned company based out of California, with an established reputation for unique, quality craftsmanship.

They have collaborated with some of the finest artisans and crafters in the business, such as Ernest Emerson and Strider, and have most recently collaborated with the Chris Kyle Foundation to produce some truly beautiful limited edition pieces dedicated to an American hero.

As opposed to most factory produced knives, Protech only uses high-tech design elements, fitted by hand, and crafted in small batches to preserve the integrity of the knife’s design and ensure only the best craftsmanship.

Protech offers both production and custom knives. Their range of production knives are functional, versatile, and thoughtfully designed, while their custom range is beautifully crafted to the highest quality with the resulting piece ready to use or display as a work of art.

They are best known for their automatic knives: The Runt, the Godfather, and the Tactical Response series. Here is a short list of some of the best knives produced by this well-respected company.

The Godfather

This iconic knife combines Protech’s high-tech spring coil technology with the design features of the traditional Italian stiletto, resulting in a lightning quick automatic release and stylish design.

The basic Godfather model has a bayonet blade length, which is 4” set in a slim 5.25” aluminum handle, making it lightweight but durable. The Godfather can be customized to suit your aesthetic taste, including handling artwork by Karst, various wooden inlaid handles using Cocobolo or Desert Ironwood, or gorgeous Damascus blade designs by well-known blade artisans.

The Godson

The Godson series is the next evolutionary step after the Godfather series. Slightly smaller, with the same Italian inspiration, combined with Protech’s super-fast spring-action mechanisms, it is loved by automatic knife owners everywhere.

The knife’s design has a plain edge satin or black finish blade, as opposed to the traditional stiletto, extending a mere 3.15” from the aluminum handle and weighing only 3 ounces. The blade is constructed from 154 cm steel, making it highly chip resistant.

For the collector, the customized Godson range offers a gorgeous selection of Chad Nichols Damascus blades and inlaid handles made from a variety of natural materials, including mother-of-pearl, coral, and bone.

The Runt

This tiny powerhouse of a knife is one of Protech’s most popular models. It looks small, but its weight makes it feel and move like a much larger knife. Ergonomically designed and beautifully executed, the Runt is constructed from durable 154 cm steel and set into an aluminum handle. It comes with two blade options: the spear blade and the tanto. There are a variety of customizable options, including inlaid abalone shell and ivory micarta.

One of the huge benefits of this knife is that, with a blade length of only 1.94”, it is legal to carry in California where it is manufactured.

Protech Emerson CQC-7

The collaboration between Protech and tactical knife icon Ernest Emerson has resulted in some amazing craftsmanship by combining the classic elements of the folding knife with the high-speed deployment mechanics used by Protech. Emerson’s exacting standards have been carefully applied to this knife, resulting in a knife that will satisfy Protech and Emerson fans alike.

The overall length of the knife is 7.875” with a 3.25” blade, making for a beautifully balanced piece. Standard and Elite Tactical models are knurled for improved grip, and another feature that is popular with users is that it can be carried both tip-up and tip-down, due to the handle being drilled and tapped. It also includes a sliding safety, which means no injuries from accidental opening.

Protech Tactical Response Knives

Protech’s Tactical Response series are favored by both law enforcement and the military, and it’s easy to see why. The TR-4 is a big, heavy-duty knife with features like a lanyard loop which doubles as a glass breaker. The blade measures in at 4” long and 1.35” wide and has a multipurpose sabre blade grind.

The amazing automatic opening spring coil means that, once you press the release button (which doubles as the locking mechanism), the blade hurls out at high speed and locks securely with no blade movement. Many models also feature a safety switch, reducing the likelihood of accidental opening, which is essential with a pocket knife of this size.


Protech’s carefully engineered automatic opening mechanisms make this company one of the finest manufacturers of automatic knives in the business. Not only does this company collaborate with some of the finest knife designers in the industry, but they also produce custom pieces for discerning collectors, making them an outstanding and versatile company.