Brand Spotlight: Toor Knives

Brand Spotlight: Toor Knives

Jan 14th 2020

Toor Knives was founded by Connor Toor in his hometown of San Diego, California. After he repeatedly encountered expensive knives in the marketplace, he decided to take matters into his own hands by creating affordable knives with faster production times. Now he is proud to employ over 30 talented craftsmen and women. 

His humble beginnings included crafting knives in his backyard with just a hammer and anvil. He started with a goal of improving military-issued tactical knives. As a Marine himself, he used his experiences and sought wisdom and advice from his teammates to create pieces that would meet all the demands of his job in the Marine Corps. 

Toor Knives

Made In The USA

A large percentage of Toor Knives employees are veterans who are honoring a commitment of continual service. As they work each day, under a large American Flag hanging proudly in the shop, they are honored to continue the fight by creating products for those still serving. They are  PEOPLE ORIENTED, PROCESS FOCUSED and PRODUCT DRIVEN. Since the process behind creating Toor Knives is unique, they have built a team of extremely skilled professionals with excellent manufacturing skills. 

Sustainable Knife Manufacturing 

Since their humble beginnings, Toor Knives has always operated with the goal of being eco-friendly. They aim to have as little environmental impact as possible with a long-term vision to be the first knife manufacturing facility with a 0% landfill footprint. To learn more about their impressive sustainability efforts,  click here

Toor Knives Technology

Creating high-quality knives, at an affordable price, is possible thanks to their Thermal Diffusion Technology (TDT) process. Their TDT blade treatment process includes the molecular reorganization of the lattice structures in the steel, which is achieved through multiple oxygen-free thermal normalizing cycles and a controlled rate of diffusion in the steel. This is followed by a series of tempering procedures and a cryogenic freeze to harden the surface austenite, that ultimately relieves all of the natural stress in the steel, leaving you with a perfectly hardened blade. 

Their multiaxial handle carving process creates texture paths that flow seamlessly together and follow the natural positioning of the hand around the knife. This has enabled them to conquer the age-old task of providing both comfort and grip on a blade. Plus, they use a series of proprietary thermal curing processes includes a multi-coat application that achieves maximum corrosion resistance and a minimal dimensional footprint. The result is fewer blade scratches, additional corrosion resistance, and a thinner surface coat. 

Guaranteed For Life

Toor Knives stands behind their products with a lifetime guarantee. All of the knives they bring to market are the designs left standing after repeated field tests, real world use and continual fine-tuning. They know that certain situations may arise where your life depends on your blade, so they take great pride in guaranteeing their blades for life. This guarantee applies to the structural integrity of the blade and does not cover normal signs of wear and tear, rust, damage or breakage due to improper modification, lack of maintenance, or improper use. 

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