New 2017 ZT Knives For Sale

New 2017 ZT Knives For Sale

Posted by Clayton on Oct 4th 2016

When you are shopping for a military grade folder, Zero Tolerance Knives should be the first brand on your list. They’re 100% American made and have one of the best reputations in the industry. Enthusiasts tout them as nearly indestructible. They’re the first choice for professionals who rely on the best – firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. ZT Knives represent a proud tradition of excellent craftsmanship and definitely deserve a place in your collection.


Zero Tolerance Knives are the tactical division of Kai USA, Ltd., the company behind Kershaw Knives and some kitchen cutlery lines. Though this parent company is headquartered in Japan, they recognized a need for a high-quality, American-made line of knives and developed Zero Tolerance to fill that gap.

Since 2006, they have designed and produced knives with professionals in mind – law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders. This focus has led to knives that some feel are overbuilt, but which will stand up to the most heavy-duty use for years to come.

The first knives produced under the Zero Tolerance brand were strictly combat knives designed for professionals. After their initial success and popularity with civilians, they expanded to include a variety of more general use knives and premium designs to appeal to serious collectors.

They also began collaborations with popular custom knife makers to widen their appeal. With models ranging from slim, everyday carry folders to substantial outdoor tactical knives, Zero Tolerance consistently provides their customers with high-quality blades they can carry with pride. The name is derived from the company’s goal: Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function, and Zero Tolerance in performance.


ZT Knives are always produced with premium materials that will pass any test you put to them. Even though the line produces a wide variety of knives with different colors and styles, they use just a few materials to create them. The blades are made only with S30V, S35VN, or CTS-204P steel. These types of steel were specifically designed to be used for knives. They are resistant to wear and are tough. While they will hold an edge for a long time, you may need to take these knives to be sharpened professionally.

The handles are designed with carbon fiber scales, titanium, or G-10. G-10 is an innovative material that offers the beauty of glass but the toughness of an epoxy resin. These materials offer superior durability and peerless protection for the blade. All of the materials are carefully machined to ensure smooth operation and then polished to create a beautiful finish.

The knives are all manufactured in the ZT facility in Oregon, just south of Portland. Employees are hand chosen to create ZT Knives, thanks to their superior skill and attention to detail. No one can beat their experience and knowledge.


The prestige and reputation of Kai USA have attracted some of the most well-known knife makers for impressive collaborations. The knives they produce are as diverse as the knife makers themselves. Some of the notable partnerships include:

  • Mick Strider of Strider Knives. After the explosive success of the production line of Strider Knives, Mr. Strider branched off to work by himself on his custom creations with one goal – bring the art of the blade back to knife making.
  • Rick Hinderer of Rick Hinderer Knives. Mr. Hinderer has created custom tools and pens, but his knives are what truly bring him to prominence. He draws on real-world experience as a firefighter to create custom knives that are as practical as they are unique.
  • Todd Rexford of Rexford Knives. The fascination with knives began at an early age for Mr. Rexford, and he has worked tirelessly on his craft throughout his life. His custom creations are highly sought-after, and collectors snap up his knives as quickly as he can produce them.
  • Dmitry Sinkevich of Sinkevich Designs. In addition to his own impressive custom line of knives and other tools, Mr. Sinkevich has produced collaborations with many respected knife companies. His designs are distinctive and highly functional.

All collaborations uphold the same principles of quality and performance you can expect from ZT Knives. Their exceptional beauty doesn’t hide the fierce performance of a high-quality blade.


Zero Tolerance Knives are the gold standard for high performance, custom knives. They truly excel at creating a heavy-duty workhorse that professionals and knife enthusiasts can carry and use with pride. No tactical collection should be complete without the addition of a ZT blade. When you’re ready to make your next purchase, seek out the expert craftsmanship and superior design of Zero Tolerance Knives.