​Brands We Trust: Benchmade Knives

​Brands We Trust: Benchmade Knives

Sep 11th 2018

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade has achieved a loyal following in the industry due to their years of dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and technological innovation to produce blades that are second to none. Read on to learn more about why we trust Benchmade knives.

Why Choose a Benchmade Knife?

Benchmade is an Oregon-based company that has been consistently producing high-quality domestically made blades for civilians, as well as law enforcement and military professionals.

They are the leading brand in OFT automatic blades and have been impressing the industry with their trademark AXIS™ locking mechanism which is one of the strongest locking mechanisms available on the market and can be operated by both left and right-handed users.

Benchmark knives use a range of different steels for their different knife models from super-tough steel that holds its edge, like CPM-M4 to corrosion-resistant SV30, allowing you to choose the level of durability and flexibility you need.

Classes of Benchmade Knives

  • Gold Class: Gold class refers to Benchmade’s premier class of knife, including limited-edition releases and collectibles. These knives are made from the highest quality materials, including exotic and rare metals and feature ornate handles and Damascus steel blades in addition to Benchmade’s high-tech mechanisms.
  • Blue Class: Blue class, also known as Recreation class, are Benchmade’s standard class of knives, which are ideal for everyday carry. These knives still offer Benchmade’s high-quality construction and technology but are a more affordable option for knife enthusiasts.
  • Black Class: The latest offering from Benchmade is their black class knives which are designed for first-response and tactical use by military and law-enforcement professionals. These highly functional knives are made from heavy-duty, durable materials for knives that can be deployed with ease and hold their edge no matter the situation.

Benchmade Knives Infidel

Bestselling Benchmade Knives

  • Pagan: The Pagan range of knives includes some of the best mid-range automatic knives on the market. The popular Pagan 3320 model features a 4-inch blade that is constructed from 154CM stainless steel, which is designed to hold its edge but can also be sharpened easily. It has a stonewash finish for reduced reflectivity and to easily hide scratches, for a blade that always looks like it is in mint condition.

The handle is constructed from anodized aluminum for scratch resistance, and it fits perfectly to the      contours of your hand.

  • Phaeton: The Phaeton OTF Automatic knife blade is constructed from rust- and corrosion-resistant SV30 steel, making it the ideal tactical knife. With a 3.45-inch drop point blade that deploys with a double-action thumb-slide, the Phaeton OTF knife is a versatile blade that can withstand heavy-duty use. The broad tip and the thick belly of the Phaeton blade also make it an excellent everyday carry knife.

If you are looking for a blade with a bit more heft, the Phaeton range of knives also comes in varying blades lengths, including the larger 3.96-inch.

  • Infidel: The Benchmade Infidel OTF Automatic Knife is Benchmade’s flagship automatic knife model featuring a double-action mechanism that deploys and retracts the blade quickly and smoothly for better response times. The blade on the standard model is 3.9-inches with a 5-inch handle of black aluminum.

Benchmade has released several editions of the original model, including the Mini Infidel that features a smaller 3.1-inch blade and limited-edition Damascus steel Infidel knives.

  • HK Axis: Heckler and Koch have teamed up with Benchmade to produce military and law enforcement knives that are reliable and strong for use in emergencies. These knives feature Benchmade’s trademark AXIS™ locking technology which keeps the blades open to transform the manual opening knife effectively into a fixed blade knife, ideal for people whose lives depend on the performance of their weapons.

The blade is constructed from D2 steel, which has been hardened with chromium to create a tough blade that is resistant to wear. The clip point-shaped blade runs the same thickness almost the entire length, for added strength and stability for piercing cuts, while the handle is textured to provide ample grip.

Benchmade Automatic Knives

Benchmade Accessories and Multitools

In addition to their range of superior knives, Benchmade also produces high-quality tactical accessories, including the LED tactical light and the Benchmade multitool, which features multiple blades, wire cutter, strap cutter, screwdriver, crimper and needle-nose pliers—all the essentials for any first responder.

Find the Perfect Benchmade Blade for You

Benchmade has been producing quality blades for years and continues to innovate and impress the community of knife collectors and professionals whose livelihood depends on the quality performance of their tools. To find a Benchmade knife to suit your needs, contact eKnives at (423)-525-9477 to talk to one of our experienced sales staff members.